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  1. You are not alone. I made two leg fenris using 2 epics, then wasted one in a fail godlike combine. Also made my leg scorch, leg deadly blow, leg frenzy, leg eleven pretorean, leg loleri, leg aprodena, and godlike serka using 2 cards. I regret the gl serka though since he is useless to me and no one wants him.

  2. All this talk of leaving to 100%… I guess I’m the lone extreme lucker who made a leg fenris out of 2 epics XD

  3. got a question for all of you:

    anyone else only getting 200 hb rep from stage 1 and 400 from stage 2 of windy despite having a load of energy? I thought this strange cuz I got 1.8k rep from stage 2 of cave each time.

  4. Yeah if you really want something wait til you got 100% guarantee. What I do now is combine rare and below for activity and then try for leg en masse at the master of alch event. Also got my Darius and fenris by combining like 18 of each ( winning km helped a lot). Also I do not buy creatures at below leg from the ah.

  5. Unless you ran the programming scripts or set the algorithms yourself you cannot claim its fake just because you were not successful. 80% success still means you have a 20% to fail, that’s the game of luck im afraid.

  6. @ Breach, i am 69.69% sure that the alch event is fake. twice i tried with 9 stabs, 2 at a time, and got all the way up to 80% extra and still fail. Same thing happen when i try with 9 of those 2 cd thunder lizards. Also i asked one other person, and they said it didnt work for them either.

  7. it really depends on the card!

    for example, I got my legendary Darius/Fenris/Velyn by buying them with silver from Repu shop and getting enough copies to have 100% chance at them. Fenris, Darius and Velyn are a sort of a MUST cards, and devoting such resources to get legendary ones is fully justified. there’s also skills like Petrify and Scorch and Deadly Blow that is best to also save up to 100%, since they’re not that difficult to get. I’m a firm believer in the “patient bird gets the worm” idea, and I would suggest going for 100% on cards that you REALLY want, or as high of a chance as you can get.

    then there’s stuff like Mifzuna and such that are not easily obtained, my general idea with those is to have a playset (3 cards) of them and then try combining the extras. since cards like that are so difficult to get regularly, though, I just save gold for auction to get a legend one. in my opinion attempting to get 3 legendary Mifzunas by combining costs too much resources, luck and time to do.

    then there’s cards I don’t really care much for, like some random combines of a zombie, elf, dragon or whatever that is semi-useful… I just try it with whatever. Naturally, if you really like some card, then again – going for 100% is the best way. Rise of Mythos is a LOT about patience.

    also take note some players wait with all combining till Alchemy event, not a bad idea at all.

  8. Hi all! I have been playing for like 2 months and this guide has been really helpful, but I have found a very anoying problem, combining epic cards. At this point i have wasted thousands of silver and a lot of cards (most of them bad ones really) to get a legendary centaur marksman and a bloodseeker.

    I have tried it with 2, 3, 4 and 5 copies and kept failing once and again so, what is the best way to do it? Do people usually wait until they have a very high bonus? Or do they gamble and throw two mifzunas to a 5% chance?

    Thanks for the help!

  9. don’t follow the text so strictly. first, it was translated so accuracy is an issue, and secondly there is no big problem for them to adjust that, in his case, regeneration buffs Simon’s faith.

    wouldn’t be the first time. :)

  10. the bad side of it is that it resets your hand cooldown and you’re basically only getting +1 on your hand since you’re playing Plan B. Generally I would only play it with an empty hand. so no, I’ve not played it but it does not sound worth it at all.

  11. I want plan B but its only obtainable via gold pack (for VIP 5), I saw one listed in the auction and it costs like 700+….is it even worth it?

  12. Well of course it wouldn’t have worked if abbess was at full health, no? Also if you look at the wording (text can be annoying :3), faith activates when a creature CURES a creature, while regen RESTORES health. But then when you look at the Cure ability it’s also defined as restoring health to a creature, which leads me to believe that regen and cure are coded the same, except regen is applied to self only. If that were the case, then there’d be not much real difference between the two and thus both should be able to trigger faith. I’m not too sure about the coding bit though, was just looking over the ability text =)

  13. About that new card simon, why does he have faith when he can’t heal anyone? I’m pretty sure regenerate does not affect faith cause I’ve seen it used with battle abyss and it doesn’t seem to work (this was a while back).

  14. Dante (too slow and weak), Battle Priestess (too slow and vulnerable), Lucius (rush card doesn’t belong), Silva (kinda average card), Repeating Crossbow Captain (too slow), Elven Thunder Mage (weak and pointless without a theme), Deathclaw (average card, can do better) and possibly Mifzuna (so-so) are cards you want to replace, especially if we’re talking about a 1vs1 deck here.
    Dante and Priestess are too sluggish and vulnerable for 1vs1, Lucius is not useful in your deck (since you’re not rush, Lucius won’t usually do much before he gets rune’d or something else to death). Silva is alright but she kinda lacks power, especially if you are not running creatures that assist her. Champion Knight is also not a great choice since he’s Cavalry (lots of spears in game) and takes a while to become a threat.

    You’re not using Inspire in the deck which I find odd. Some of the more devastating things you can play as a Priest are Carnivore creatures (Fleshripper (gotta be legend tho) and Aries) as well as stuff like Dread Champion, since you can a) inspire them and b) sanctuary them and this is often very difficult to stop especially by the ever popular Ranger, since not a lot of folks run Disinformation and only Mage can hope to stop them.

    so I’d get a hold of some power cards (this is more up to you to decide based on your resources) and inspires, add more vigilance (I prefer Legionnaire and Trojan Hoplite) to defend while you setup for your attack.

  15. i paid 300 for a legend edge … i play in s13 griffin of ancient summoners its hardly 3 seasons old so idk :P + i love this guide :P so asking for help always… i find it hard dealing with a priest in my server… plays all 5cd+ units… and all my deadly blow end up in hand :( :( sancs a problem and that guy has voidstep, ferena and other op cards :( help plz

  16. Hello Breach – really great , guide it helped me a lot in my game. SO thank you a lot for writing it.
    I ma kind of missing information on Chief Warden Ariella here. Unfortunately I do not have her- but I find it one of the most difficult creatures to deal with.

  17. @ the mage

    I personally prefer petrify over deep freeze but that’s just me. If you’re dealing with rushers, well, military charge negates deep freeze but not petrify. Also, you can pet but not deep freeze stuff like sylvis and use pets to make massive walls for yourself when dealing with warrior spikerushers. If I remember correctly, petrify also has a much higher return rate than deep freeze.

    I’m not a fan of the abbess, either. CD too high and too slow. It’s good for the tower, though. I’m also not a huge fan of nadja or any of the others that I put in the same category as her. Not enough attack or tanking properties or summoning abilities to make it into a 1v1 or 2v2 deck. And they don’t make good walls, either. I tried inserting a leg High Lady Kuri into my control deck and retired her after two fights. I did that as ranger, but I imagine it wouldn’t be too different as mage.

    charm-some people play it well and use it as effective counterrush. I personally don’t run that in pvp decks.

    as for ark edge, I got an epic plus a few others for less than that amt in rubies, but mine’s only epic and I’ve yet to play it. Wondering if I should try and fit her into my control deck.

    Looks like the staff went thru the bugs section of the gamefuse forums and stickied the friday night/end of season server crash and the lack of pvp season rewards as a bug. Now I just hope they treat it like a bug and fix the consequences thereof.

  18. 300 gold for an Edge? What’s like in your server? I barely got mine to sell for 100 =P

  19. kick ARK edge? lol i paid 300 gold for that card so that it can damage multiple units at once lol… and priestess i put because most people have cian the traitor atm… so thats y anywy i made the suggested changes… thnx and will try the deck out..

  20. Hii!!! breach !!! Whats up?? After a long time decided that u should rate my deck(1v1):
    1) [Elven Legionnaire]
    2) [Fenris the Butcher]
    3) [Werewolf Deathclaw]
    4) [Desperate Soul]
    5) [Ofeigur the Undying]
    6) [Eacann the Charger]
    7) [Repeating Crossbow Captain]
    8) [Demon Hunter Azrael]
    9) [Blessing: Sanctuary] * 3
    10) [Smite]
    11) [Darius Darkhand]
    12) [Lucius Swift]
    13) [Mynx Hammershock]
    14) [Tanwen Wildfire]
    15) [Elven Thunder Mage]
    16) [Mifzuna the Wind]
    17) Champion Knight]
    18) [Zeeva Stonebreaker]
    19) [Juliet]
    20) [Smasha' Rulk]
    21) [Refuge]
    22) [Dante Quicksong]
    23) [Battle Priestess]
    24) [Heavy Repeating Crossbow]
    25) [Trojan Hoplite]
    26) [Silva the Frozen Heart]
    27) [Storm Drake]
    28) [Righteous Judgement]

    all epic except silva and storm drake(legendaries) !!!! :)

  21. Thanks all for the suggestions ^^
    The thing about 3 tempests is that I just started making it into leaderboards for season rewards, so I’m a little short on medals. I’ll definitely work on that though =)
    About 3 petrifies… I did consider that a time ago but there’s not a lot to choose between petrify and freeze. I like them both and couldn’t decide which to use 3 of, so in the end I thought I’d use 2 of each. There’s quite a lot of rushers around in my server, so…? I’ll give it a try.
    Arma is arma, and they’re very rare as we all know =D I’ll certainly be using that if I ever find it in my fusing.
    For scorch, I was lucky enough to even get an epic one from fusing. The top mages of the server are buying up all the epic scorches to combine into legendaries, and are paying something like 100-200 per scorch. It’s a little difficult to get those atm. Same story with fenris, soul and eacann. No luck with packs either =(
    Also, I managed to combine a legendary charm to replace the epic. Do you think it’s worth using long term?
    Thanks again, and I’ll be sure to try your advice out.

  22. For the mage deck, i reccomend getting at least 1 leg scorch, and use 3 pets, 3 tempest, and 2 mediation and an arma if u can get it

  23. nice cards. it’s kinda looking like you can’t decide should you rush or control, as there’s cards for both decks in there.

    Battle Priestess is too vulnerable (to deadly blow or just damage skills) and takes too long to get strong especially 1vs1. in theory she is nice, in actual high level PVP not so much. Most of your cards are quite cheap, if you go more for rush you can kick the drum and high cd creatures out too. As another comment suggests, you could use True Shot.Your deck is also leaning towards being rush atm so I would just cut it to a cheap 15 card deck. (Fenris, Howler, Darius, Deadly Blow, Mifzuna, Alice, Lucius (optional), Zeeva (optional), Double Stab and/or True Shot)

    you don’t level reputation with legendary creatures, you level them with the Reputation tokens from the Ascension Tower.

  24. Scorch is generally used at Legendary level, 3x Tempest is fine, Abbess is too slow for 1vs1 and probably for 2vs2, Shadow Tengu is a iffy card (I figure you can win games with him but on the other hand he’s kinda slow and low hp) elven sharp shooter I wouldn’t use, Nadja is so-so useful.

    I’d suggest more Tempests, +1 Fenris, Mynx and more Legionnaires instead of the cards I mention as troublesome.

  25. Can any1 plz rate my deck.. I am a ranger.. and i am stuck at level 35 of both ranger and halfblood rep as i dont have any legendary for that class (That centuar guerilla is something i dont prefer in a deck) so plz suggest me some cards i can get… here is my deck..
    heavy repeating crossbow x1
    juliet x1
    elven legonaaire x1
    feles assasin master x1
    mifzuna x1
    zeeva x1
    fenris x2
    desperate x1
    smasha x1 (legend)
    ark thumper x1
    flame drake x1
    ofeguir x1(legend)
    battle drum x1
    tanwen x1(legend)
    battle priestess x1
    trojan hoplite x1
    werewolf howler x1
    alice x1
    sorann x1
    caitlyn x1
    ark edge x1(legend)
    premed x1
    I am VIP0 player fyi

  26. breach (or anyone else experienced), can you judge my mage standard deck please? Thanks in advance for advice given =)

    1 tengu shadow warrior (leg)
    1 elven sharp shooter (leg)
    1 tanwen
    1 velyn
    1 elven legionnaire
    1 battle abbess
    1 juliet
    2 heavy repeating crossbow
    1 nadja the viper
    1 zeeva
    1 fenris
    1 battle drum
    1 darius
    1 rulk
    1 trojan hoplite
    1 caitlyn
    1 scorch
    2 petrify (1 rare)
    2 deep freeze
    1 meditation
    1 hermes’ wings
    1 flame dragonkin (leg)
    1 ofeigur (leg)
    1 feles assasin master (leg)
    1 tempest
    1 kaelithus (leg)
    All epic except special mentions

    What’s to be improved? Thanks again

  27. breach….keep updating guide? we all want the help and this guide has been amazing and so helpful so far, i have searched for other guides and they all suck o.o

  28. I said for the ranger skills that I use flashbomb but i dont really use flashbomb, just seen a bunch of high level players using orange versions of it. And also Breach and others here are the new skill cards if you havent already seen and will come after maintenance:

    Warrior: Conscription – 3 cooldown, draw 3 cards, any drawn creature cards will be placed in your hand.
    Ranger: Plan B – 2 cooldown, All cards from your current hand are sent back to your deck, and you draw the same amount, +2 cards.
    Mage: Conjure Troops – 6 cooldown, Keep drawing cards until your hand is full.
    Priest: Call of Power – 1 cooldown, Places a random creature card with the highest countdown from a friendly Hero’s Deck into their hand.

    ( copy and paste from http://forums.gamefuse.com/showthread.php?5000-Maintenance-Rise-of-Mythos-Maintenance-6-00-PM-10-00-PM-PST-Wed-4-9)

  29. thought this might be a useful addition to your guide:

    30: 85,100
    31: 112,200
    32: 132,500
    33: 156,400
    34: 177,300
    35: 198,100
    36: 219,000
    37: 302,100
    38: 374,700
    39: 447,200
    40: 519,100
    41: 593,200
    42: 667,300
    43: 757,900
    44: 932,400
    45: 1,039,500
    46: 1,126,100
    47: 1,238,800
    48: 1,327,200
    49: 1,445,400
    50: 1,535,700

    From Lvl 30 – 35: Only cards ranked Epic or better counts for reputation
    From Lvl 35 – 40: Only cards ranked Legendary or better counts for reputation
    From Lvl 40 – 45: Only cards ranked Godlike counts for reputation

    Thanks for the tip, anon. I knew my attempt at a ranger control deck was missing something relative to the mage version.

    list of known servers affected by end of pvp season fiasco:

    dark forest/sanguine tribe
    whistling graveyard

  30. Extremely simple math. Click the reputation tab and select halfblood, and under the progress bar it’ll say crit +X block +X. Add the X to your unit crit and that’s the percentage of times you’ll be critting.

  31. Glad to see your not dead, Breach:) Have a question to anyone to answer: I have HB rep 37 and 28 Valor. How much should I crit with mif and maia, and how much will it increase if I get HB rep to 40, 45, and beyond??


  33. for 2v2 + 1v1:

    2x stab
    1x true shot
    3x blow
    1x premed
    1x disinfo
    1x flashbomb

    this what i use have been playing ranger for over 5 season now, would use 2 true if i had another legend one. Swift death is usable in leg or above.

  34. Breach is missing it seems.
    Update: now have leg fen and Darius. Have yet to play new deck in pvp with the current issues of dark forest.

    Question for all the rangers with control decks out there. What do u think is the optimal balance of skills?

  35. The expected number of legendary card per mill silver spend is almost the same no matter if you buy Novice, Standard or Expert packs and combine the cards. You should buy the packs that have the cards you want. When price is take into account they are prity much equal.

    Kings packs cost 600 gold/rubies master packs 200 gold/rubies.
    Only usefull cards in kings pack you cant get in master packs are the 4 kings.
    Chance to get a random king is like 1 in 50 Kings packs.
    50 kings packs cost 30000 gold (750$) but kings can be bougth for under 5000 gold at AH.
    Imo spending gold on kings packs is wast of gold.

    King packs have 4 unik heroes player cant get in expert packs.
    Master packs and better have 4 unik heroes player cant get in expert packs.
    Exper and batter packs have 4 unik heroes player cant get in standard packs.

    I can buy cards at reputation store and sell them at AH to convert silver to rubies. I can normaly convert 200 silver to 1 rubie.

    I can in this way buy Master packs for 40,000 Silver and Kings packs for 120,000 silver.

    Spending 600,000 silver on standard packs iand combining give me normaly 2 random legendary.
    Spending 600,000 silver on 5 Kings packs also often give 1 legendary – half of which are poor.

    Price and what players can get in each type of pack fit each other well.
    Unlocking king pack in no real advantage.
    1 Kings packs is not better than 3 Master packs imo.


  36. Thnx chrissgg :) and i got a military charge from auction for like 60gold.. try ur luck in AH or maybe alchemy

  37. does anyone know how to get a militiary charge? I cant even get anyone to sell one in AH, even when I offered to pay 300 gold.

  38. Sorran will not hit maia, Instead he will hit himself but he will take no damage due to his skill.

  39. Can ny1 please explain me what does “My power” mean in the game? and how they calculate it?

  40. Got stuck on the white mane lvl of the tower last week for the 46+ tower. Ds tanking didn’t work cuz of smite. Managed to hold off for 15 turns with pet and trolls but still died in the end. Right now guessing the way to counter the whale double draw rush is a lot of frenzy and db but haven’t tested. Help plz?

  41. Yes!!!getting legendary cards from standard pack is certainly possible…I have got a legendary fenris the other day from a standard pack…put the chances are like 1:1000 (guessing)…

  42. a player in my server got a legendary prince serka from an undead standard pack, is that possible?!?!

  43. Can someone rate my deck:

    2x heavy repeat crossbow
    1x juliet
    1x alice
    1x azrael
    1x tanwen
    1x elf leigionnaire
    1x L feles asasin master
    1x L zeeva
    1x mynx
    1x drum
    2x L fenris
    1x soul
    1x L darius
    1x L ariella
    1x rulk
    1x trojan hoplite
    1x judge caitlin
    1x judge aleksandra
    1x L kaelitus
    1x L turymakus
    2x stab
    1x true shot
    3x blow
    1x disinfo
    1x premed

    L=legend all else are epic

  44. I’m kinda new to the server and a have a pretty decent stack of cards. I’d like to ask if you could help me build up a deck and create a “winning” deck. If you can add me on
    skype: fizzygoodmakesfeelgood
    my Email: neronjibalo@hotmail.com

    I’m on the ancient den server. :D my ign is hilly.

  45. As for the bonanzas I never have issues getting my silver back up in between bonanzas and I donate at least 10k each week to my guild. However I personally liked the mifzuna and the rill ones better.

    Another theoretical idea, will likely have to wait til much later to see how it’ll work. Ranger+ all the skills that cost hp+ several savior angel like maybe make up for the high cd with premed and then regain hp when Caitlyn comes out. With the vigi ones it might be good counter rush. Or maybe they’ll just be nice additions to any control deck but esp ranger ones

  46. Eacanns on my list of to get and not sure whether to give ryli first priority over Maia. On the one hand ranger rushing seems to contribute a lot to my 1v1 ranking for sure. Guess I’ll swap out the cards you mentioned for tanwen deep freeze and scorch. Would be awesome to get Armageddon in the alchemy

  47. IDK if it is in Rise of Mythos, but in KAL a new zodiac came out. Just wanted to let u know! Its pretty awesome, name is Taruos.

  48. Did you believe is worth it to do the bonanza for the epic medusa? or i better save silver for the next bonanza?

  49. Mifzuna and Centaur Marksman certainly don’t fit a control mage, and I’m surprised you don’t have Deep Freeze in the mix. also, some direct damage skill would be a great addition to your deck, like legendary Scorch is kind of a must at high level. I’d also replace Elven Archmage with more power cards. Eacann, Ryli, Armageddon are just some of the cards you could definitively use.

  50. switched back to mage to petrify spam the ascension tower in my effort to make a final push to get hb rep to 42. While I was at it, I figured I’d try to make a control deck similar to what you got. Also aiming for 2v2 ranking as most of my guildies who are on at the same time as me generally do not rush.

    results thus far: not enough pvp to tell, but lost to a spikerush in 2v2 when paired with another deck that’s about the same speed as mine. Did a couple of 1v1′s vs a similar mage deck and it was 50/50. However, I’ve repeatedly beaten this person with ranger rush.

    If you can give me your feedback, that’d be awesome. Thanks.

    Here’s the deck:

    [Elven Thunder Archmage]
    [Angel Vanguard]
    [Judge Caitlyn]
    [Elven Thunder Mage]
    [Elven Legionnaire]
    [Elven Guard][Juliet]
    [King's Emissary Alice]
    [Heavy Repeating Crossbow]
    [Centaur Marksman]
    [Smasha' Rulk]
    [Desperate Soul]
    [Tengu Bloodseeker]
    [Feles Assassin Master]
    [Victory Knight Niemann]
    [Onslaught Knight Lawrence]
    [Zeeva Stonebreaker]
    [Mynx Hammershock]
    [Mifzuna the Wind]
    [Velyn the Unscarred]
    [Lightning Tempest]x3
    [Fenris the Butcher]

  51. Sessomaru here from Shimmering Cave which is a US server. I love the guide and work you’ve put into it. I will be sure to share this. I play a warrior rush deck and still top 8 on my server every week.
    I sold my third Maia a week before Sorann came available for 3000g. So happy that day :)

  52. hers my rush:
    1x alice
    1x mifzuna
    1x maia
    1x lucius ( legend )
    1x darius( legend)
    1x zeeva (legend)
    3x howler(one rare, 2 epic)
    2x fenris (legend)
    3x blow
    1x premed
    all epic except ones mentioned next should i get orange mifzuna or just start saving up for swift ( someone told me they sell for 3.5k?)

    this deck got me #34 last season and currently #28 cross

  53. Problem is I don’t have sanct but I suppose if no one buys my rj I’ll keep it and see if it helps. So far all the people who say its easy are priests

  54. And you missed flashbomb in Ranger great skills. Nice surprise weapon imo, and mastery as well

  55. Your creature comparison at the beginning is quite incongruous.
    WW Howler 7hp “resistant to lower class spells”
    Fiery hound 7hp “Blown off the map by a single Good rank spell”

  56. Breach, when you posted your deck you said you had trouble getting usnder units to kill soul and such. There is a very nice on called ark thumper, 5/12 at legend that crush armour. damage not reduced, double damage to armour(including heavy cavalry).

  57. I’ve found the solution to be Velyn as well as using Priest with Sanctuary. Velyn kills off a majority of the angels and Sanctuary fixes the rest – with a Priest deck I pretty much beat it without fault.

    the angels are simply too ready for a Mage; I use 2x Armageddon in my deck but the issue is that I’m often unable to delay them duo to mass Dispel and casting Arma doesn’t save me. I’ve beaten it with a Mage but that’s like 1 out of 5.

  58. My personal take on rushing:
    1v1 ranger rush so far seems good for keeping me in the top 64 local server despite not being able to do more than log on and claim the reward on most days. Of course I think even though I got only 1 swift raid the 24 crits from mifzuna help a lot and if I’m lucky I can cast it on mifzuna Alice and the centaur at the same time. However in 2v2 my top choice of a partner would be a warrior rush or spike rusher. Nice balance of dmg and removal when the team is 50/50

    Guess I’ll have to keep refreshing alchemy and hope to get lucky again. Also wondering if Armageddon would work on the 45+ angel levels. I’ve yet to beat that one. Going to give it a last shot today and see if a short tank healer and premed deck could work. Wish I could play more than 1 ds at a time. If anyone reading this has beaten the level plz tell me how

  59. it’s kinda a trade off; Warrior spikerush is easier to build (Military Charge and Encourage go for very low costs in AH) but Warrior lacks a good solution to removing defenders, like the everpopular Zeeva or Smasha Rulk. on the other hand, Ranger spike is expensive and/or luck-based to build but Deadly Blow and Double Stab make it very easy to attack even if the lanes start to fill up. the most important factor of Deadly Blow is the fact that it cannot be blocked, and thus whatever you pick to remove – is removed, unlike for example a Slash can get blocked or the enemy has a physical defense skill.

    in the end I think Ranger spikerush is far superior once fully built in 1vs1, but Warrior certainly has its place in like 2vs2 or 4vs4 if he’s accompanied by classes that can help his problem with killing off or avoid cheap tanks.

  60. I was wondering about what you said on the topic of ranger rush, how deadly blow is the best skill and all… I run a good but not great ranger rush (basically everything you said except raid, and I run 1 true shot and 2 blows). My only legend is fenris, and soon I might get a maia. Now, I was wondering if maia is even worth putting in because I dont do raid, and if I should switch to warrior. Second: Is ranger worth it to not “spike” if you can “spike” with warrior and because ranger plus wolves can make you lose 15 plus HP. I only have around 45 HP, so what happens to me sometimes is that Im about to win and they play maia mif charge and crit for (if they both crit) 44 dmg with 3 cards!!! (even if mif is epic) So I get frustrated and wondered if ranger is that good. Anyway, the difference between spike and not is bothering me, and all the top people spike with either warrior or raid (which is SO hard to get). Would like some advice, thanks!

  61. oh yeah, don’t use Totem. +1 damage isn’t worth the times when you need to rush and win with a creature and instead you get a wall. 3 Mifzuna is much if you’re not a spikerusher (and 1 swift raid isn’t enough) so I’d rather use Lucius/Ark Sniper for some sneaky damage.

  62. I’m not sure why do you want undead? generally the best option, especially for a spiker or rusher, is to have both Haflblood and Elf repu50, for both landing criticals, both races have generally great creatures and for the awesome Tariel unit. A bit of a luxury is to try and have Ranger repu 50 too, as this will increase mastery and critical chance with stuff like Cloaked or Double Stab, but again, that’s a luxury.

  63. On second thought adding dragons to a regular burn deck might work better in 2v2 esp after the shadow dragons are out.

    Btw what’s better for rush a third mifzuna or a totem?
    Current rush deck without that last part
    2x mifzuna
    1 centaur marksman (leg)
    2x fenris
    3x howler
    1 Alice
    1 swift raid
    1 double stab
    1 premed
    1 Darius
    And 1 more card I don’t remember

    Also you’re saying that for us rushers it’s best to get hb rep to 50 first and then start spending tokens on undead
    Current plan is farm my way to lvl 35 undead and then spend all the tokens from tomb of doom. Wondering if that’s the brightest thing to do

  64. Its up to you actually, what do you have the most trouble with?
    Sorann utterly destroys rush decks, unless rushes carry skills or have fenris they will lose pretty bad.

    Calista gets insanely powerful with damage buffs, in fact she’s one of the only creatures in the game that can go head to head with val-assar and win (assuming those two are the only things being played). Someone earlier mentioned she is also the hardest hitting creature in the game which is also true (with buffs).

    Ryli is if you have trouble with bosses (higher end bosses like Castle/King’s M.) and she does wonders on towers. Can be played in pvp too but probably won’t be able to do anything about rushers, higher end pvp opponents have high rep and will occasionally block her blizzard attack which then spells her doom but she’s still awesome!

  65. Ryli is still the most versatile and powerful, especially for +46 tower and big pvp. after Ryli you can pretty much take your pick! Calista is again the more versatile and useful creature, but Sorann comes in handy for countering popular rush.

  66. Hi i was wondering if u still recommend getting ryli from the pvp shop. With sorann and calista im really split. Which creature would u recommend now?

  67. Someone rate my deck plz…(all epic)
    2 Tengu A.
    3 Tengu BS.
    1 Mynx
    1 Zeeva
    2 Fenris
    1 Mif
    1 Noella
    1 Tengu SW.
    1 Yumi
    1 Darius
    2 Feles assn.
    3 Howler
    1 Cheif H.
    1 Cenetaur G. Leader
    3 DEADLY
    1 disinfo
    1 Double stab

    I don’t put any vig units because I figured the backstabbers can do the job.

  68. so far I’m considering it a longer break. I simply grew tired of the meta. :)

    with Maia and 2x Mifs you can run Military Charge, which will get even better if you have Alice. Military Charge also negates Swamp and Deep Freeze, so it’s pretty awesome to run in a spike or rush deck.

    Generally all you can do is upgrade your reputation and weapon for crits. since you rush, go for Halfblood level50 reputation.

  69. the Angel ability is not flying; it only blocks flying! angels get hurt by swamp. Dragons on the other hand should have flying, but knowing how buggy the game is it needs to be tested!

  70. Maybe not pegasi for1. In fact it forgot to mention angels and dragons. Mix up tengus gryphons angels and dragons and cover the ground with swamps.

    For the second one I’ll admit I’m not anywhere near an expert on burn decks though I’ve seen two players who do that really well. Said one of each dragon cuz I only have one tesa and no kaelithus

  71. I don’t know about #1… Pegasi are a bit frail and overall it seems too much like a rush for a mage. If you’re going that way, horses with wings could help?
    And as for #2 I think you’ll need more than one of each unique to draw them reliably.

  72. Got two theoretical decks. Don’t have the cards to test them out but would like to know what you think

    For mages only
    3x poison swamp
    At least 1 meditation
    The usual pet or deep freeze
    All flying creatures like tengus and gryphons and maybe a few pegasi. Might test it in equalizer. A variant of the usual vigi and backstab. How well do you think it’ll do in pvp?

    Should be playable given any class
    1 tessalos
    1 kaelithus
    Maybe 1 talenor
    Lots of heros bane and thunder mages
    Maybe a few skeles
    Might work best with priest and sanc or ranger and premed.
    Problem I see is ds and velyn would wreck such a deck as might petrify
    I know a player who runs a good burn/ reaping curse/ thundermage deck though. He says it’s effective vs ranger rush. On the other hand I’ve beaten a deck like that while rushing before. Had to play differently than the usual rush

  73. Ok, so the 2cd season is almost done in the new server on Kings and Legends (not Rise of Mythos). Im a VIP4, and I rush. I want to know what you think of my possible deck. BTW, also, I am not doing so well in PVP cause I dont crit and I want to know how I can crit more. Anyway…
    1X Maia the Shadowblade (PVP)
    2X Mifzuna (Epic)
    3X Howlers (rare)
    1Fenris (Legend) (Master Pack)
    1 Darius (epic)
    1 Lucius (Legend) (MAster pack:)

    2-3 enc (epic)
    2 slash (2 rare, though I might buy an epic after season if anyone is willing to sell:( )
    1X Alice (Epic)
    Is there anything to add, I have some epic centaur riders and ironclaws but thats about it (though claws are good blockers and added with enc are pretty amazing).

    Thank you! ANd again, I love your guide.
    Also, are you really quitting the game??

  74. cloaked shot is something more for 2vs2 rush and 4vs4 or you should use in more specialized decks, it doesn’t do much in general and especially in control decks.

    that aside, you should fuse it! it can come in handy.

  75. I recently got a cloaked shot from Alchemy… should i add it?? and i have that dragon but only rare and rage 1 aint what i want lol….

  76. no best build really. I personally prefer a mixed, rainbow deck of all the best creatures over gimmicky stuff like Nimble or rush.

  77. Get your hands on an alice, sunder armour units like feles assn or that flame dragon that has rage 2 (forgot name) work well on desperate also. Your deck is also lacking in a lot of vig. units so I suggest you take another look at it that problem as well.

  78. THanks breach the reason i had the rebel is because of the high number of magic users the opponents nowadays use (like dragons) priestess was mainly to combat opponents desperate soul and the thunder mage gives me luck with hitting the opponents directly sometimes and winning me games lol if u can suggest some unit to replace priestess cuz holy damage is required ( I am VIP0 and no luck on the alice in AH)
    P.s I am the guy who asked to rate his ranger control deck

  79. I would get rid of battle priestess, noella, elven thunder mage, priestess and elven rebel until he’s legend. I would replace them with more elven legionnaire, another repeating heavy crossbow and I would swap dread knight for a dread champion; the 25% fear does wonders in a lot of situations. obvious enough you need a 3rd deadly blow, as that’s really the crown skill of the Ranger class. You can also add another Fenris to the mix.

    my problem with your deck is that it’s kinda all over the place; you have great cards and then in between them there’s some odd ones that don’t really belong, like thunder mage and the priestess. I also think that you likely need another vigilance, and I would try to keep it to 4 or 5 vigi units for a full deck.

  80. Can you guys please rate my Ranger deck its more of a control type… And any suggestion will be helpful thanks
    1xheavy repeating crossbow
    1xelven rebel
    1xelven legonaire
    1xelven thunder mage
    1x tanwen wildfire
    1xfeles assasin master
    1xtengu assasin
    1xdread knight
    1xark thumper
    1x flamedrake
    1xbattle priestess(rare)
    1x battle drum
    2xdeadly blow
    1xtrue shot
    2xdouble stab
    All epic except those mentioned

  81. for now I will resume updating the guide, and I may return to play the game later!

  82. Breach, is legendary 6cd angel from this season worth playing? I doubt I’ll get 4cd on legendary, but probably I’ll get the 6cd one. It has higher attack and is safe from deadly blows.

    @anon: you can check it yourself at mythosguide.wordpress.com – click ‘elites’ or ‘high-level elites’

  83. about suggestion you should say where all those good to have card can be get, like only pvp shop, guide, reputation shop, pack, master pack, king pack

  84. @Anon
    It depends on what you define as “strong”
    Augustus is very strong in terms of his summoning creatures
    Danika is strong in terms of being almost impossible to kill (and almost as impossible to play)
    Val assar is strong in terms of being able to hold off an entire lane

    The list can go on and on, all elite creatures are strong in one way. In my personal opinion though Sensei Calista is THE strongest creature in the game. Why? Every single atk point boost you put on her is multiplicative, a +3 encourage gives her a whooping 15 damage every per attack. Put that along with her first strike ability + sunder armor and you’ve got yourself the ultimate killing machine, nearly untouchable save for ranged creatures/skill cards. If you ever run into this mess and have no skill cards, save yourself some time and just surrender, I promise you nothing is scarier than a calista with attack boosts.

  85. Your umm theoretical Dragon/Angel build…
    “Forgetfulness is a big must for this deck (*Ryli*, Velyn, Desperate Soul, resistance creatures need to be disabled)”
    Wasn’t Ryli immune to status effects?

  86. No, mostly I face priests, but they’re easy. I know that if I’m going high, I’ll face more ranger. Nearly every ranger has deadly blows, and generally they want to control the battle, without blows it’ll be harder to do it.

  87. Why DB proof, is ranger your only problem and are 50% of people you run into rangers?

  88. Breach, do you thing the 6cd angel from top65-top200 in 1v1 is good too? I just basically want to make deadly-blow-proof deck, with mainly nimbles and some powerful cards.

  89. When the new update comes, will we be able to combine cards still, or will everything be based around the enlightenment stone?

  90. Tedy, when you change classes, you don’t lose anything(other than the class selection crystal lol).
    Your reputation on that class stays there, and a new tab with the reputation of your new class appears below that one.

  91. Hi , i am playing this for quite a while and recently i thought , what if i change my class , but i don’t know if i lose my reputation , since i have lvl 48 on a warrior , and reputation level on 30 is pretty hard to lose that. so this is my quiestion , the reputation is losed when i change the class , and if i change back to my initial class , i will still have it on lvl 30 or it will reset?

  92. @NagaSado.
    That thing is called ”Enlighten”. With that we can upgrade a card through alchemy lab using an ”Enlighten Stone” instead of having to combine the same card.
    From what i heard, the chance is 100%, but it costs:
    A card, an Enlighten Stone and silver.
    There are some types of Enlighten Stones:

    - Epic Enlighten Stone: Can upgrade a card to epic rank. Obtainable through Daily Activity Rewards(70 activity, will replace 2500 silver). Costs ~17k silver.

    - Legendary Enlighten Stone: Can upgrade a card to legendary rank(though i don’t know if it’s Epic > Legendary or Any Rank > Legendary). Obtainable through Tower Shop(something like 90 coins or so). Costs ~300k silver.

    - Godlike Enlighten Stone: Can upgrade a card to godlike rank. Not sure how can we get it.
    (not sure about the silver costs above)

    I don’t know if there’s Good – Rare Enlighten Stones, as these ranks are easily obtainable.

    Also, there’s a way to reduce the total silver we pay to enlighten the card:
    - We can sacrifice some cards 1 rank lower than the one we want to upgrade(if i want to upgrade a common Guard to epic, i’ll sacrifice Rare rank cards)
    - Each card sacrificed reduces the cost by a certain amount.
    - We can sacrifice any card(as much as the card is from the required rank). For example, if i want to upgrade a common Guard to epic rank, i can sacrifice ANY Rare card i have.
    - There’s a maximun number of cards that can be sacrificed, though i don’t remember it now.

    NOTE: these are the informations from the chinese servers, not sure if it will be the same when it get’s released here.

  93. And breach you missed something for VIP 3: The universal (zodiac) pack is unlocked there.

  94. Maia is a very spikerush-y creature, so maybe take that out and try to get a ryli? It’s slightly short on vigi as well, I suggest you take a legionnaire and tengu assaulter. I used to run kaelithus myself but you’ve only got 1 other fire attacker in there. It’s a nice melee tank but 5 cd is a bit of a long wait. If you want an area attacker, try a spellfire chimera or frost dragon.

  95. Here is my balance deck :

    1x heavy repeat crossbow
    1x elf guard
    1x tanwen
    1x mynx
    1x zeeva(legend)
    2x fenris(legend)
    1x feles assasin master (legend)
    1x mifzuna
    1x maia
    1x howler
    1x rulk
    1x kaelithus
    1x soul
    1x darius
    1x drum
    1x stab
    1x true shot
    3x blow
    1x premed
    1x disinfo

    Is this ok? Ill probably add a juliet to this deck once i get it from ah. And also the hoplite from the daily login rewards.

  96. as long as it’s not buyable with gold I welcome this feature, might really spawn up some amazing decks. if it’s gonna become a sort of VIP item, it’s time for freebies to kiss this game bb.

  97. it’s a pretty typical deck and decently built, I would say that Rulk doesn’t fit (I’d replace it with repeating crossbow captain if you really want a vigi that can attack in the mix) or Zeeva for taking out walls. I don’t like using a Drum in a deck like this, your cards are cheap enough. ARK Sniper is a good addition you can think of getting.

    other than that you will need to upgrade the units to legendary to be really ready to take top64 spots, mainly Darius (who really needs to be leg) and 2xFenris.

  98. Hey Breach!
    You got any suggestions for my rush deck?
    1x Battle Drum (epic)
    2x Mifzuna (epic)
    1x Lucius (epic)
    1x Werewolf ironclaw (epic)
    3x werewolf howler (2 rare 1 epic)
    1x Smasha Rulk (epic)
    1x frenzy (epic)
    2x fenris (epic)
    2x darius (epic)
    3x deadly blow (epic)
    1x premiditation (epic)
    1x kings emissary alice (epic)

  99. this’ll be interesting. First time I entered a for gold tourney not enough people signed up, so it got canceled lol

    I’m with Tene on the premed thing. From my few experiments, it seems like one epic is enough, or rather would be if I could do more than a brief log on to claim the daily reward nowadays.

    I meant have most of the control deck minus the yumi and some skills. Oh well I guess I will look more into that when I’m able to play more again. Collecting these ranger skills seems next to impossible as I keep getting outbid (also logging on for a few mins per day doesn’t help).

    anyhow, on to another thing. So I heard that when v1.5 comes out, we’ll be able to go directly from anything epic or below to leg by buying that ticket or whatever for around 90 tower coins. What’s your take on that?

  100. @ Edinaldo
    That is kind of what I was getting at, it appears she’s a magic based creature (its possible she might be a melee like alice) so she probably won’t be using all 9 squares. So the idea I’m seeing here is that she will hit the furthest thing out away from the summoner’s direction, in this case she will hit either a creature in block 8, or enemy hero and things that are in between (ex: blocks 5, 6, etc.) she will “warp” right past them. The hit and run ability means that she will return to her original spot similar to a Lucius. The question is does she really “warp” or is it just a fancy windwalk? As in if I put a poison swamp in block 4 or 5 will she get poisoned, seeing she has infinite movement I’m guessing the slow won’t work on her but will she still be poisoned? Same with refuge, will she be able to pass that too (refuge is NOT a creature).

  101. Well, about the Storm Dragon Queen(Volante VoidStep), her Teleport ability works like, she moves forward as much as she can, and she passes through enemies(if the opponent puts a creature at his second line for example, first line is still empty, then, she can pass through that creature directly into that first square and hit the enemy. If the opponent has a creature at his first square, then she can’t pass through it, but she will move to the front of it, no matter where she is). This is what’s said there at least.

    @Tene, yeah, she remembers Mifzuna, but Mifzuna has 7 movement total, while VoidStep has theorically infinite movement(though the max movement possible on the game is 9 squares), and she passes through enemies. And Mifzuna only has 7 movement on her 1st turn, VoidStep can move 9 squares every turn if nothing blocks her.
    Also, the fact that she comes back after attacking is because of ”Hit and Run”, and not a part of the Teleport ability.(don’t know if it’s what you meant, but it’s not too clear)

  102. All angels are OP…
    Lenaya = infinite zeals if you keep her alive.
    Aleksandra = heals 99 hp AND free resurrect.
    Caitlyn = heals HERO and has pretty nice stats to go with that.
    Maximus = Untouchable with anything that has greater than or equal atk to hp ratio

    Except for gabriel…This SOB sucks so hard its not even funny.

  103. I already have 3 blows in deck (2 purple one orange), but now since everyone has king velassar i need to put a true shot in.

  104. True shot is good because of low cooldown and nice damage, also benefits from stats so it can crit! I still prefer DB over it because commonly used cards like rulk, fenris, tanwen, etc. all have 10+ hp which makes them harder to kill, DB makes short work of that. DB also has mastery level which I really like, and the fact that it just utterly destroys a priest’s attempt to sanctuary is a even bigger bonus. Preferance really, but rush decks should aim to have as little skill cards as possible.

    About that new lightning dragon queen, I think her skill resembles that of a mifzuna except she runs back after she’s done attacking? Idk, the skill description is kind of misleading because it says it passes through enemies…

  105. yup, legendary true shot is totally worth using. I’m still not sure what to replace, Lucius is nice but too vulnerable with runes around… maybe replace him instead. Howlers are way more capable to win a game than a Lucius I think.

  106. For those of you that don’t already know…dragons will hit your own creatures! I decided to start using dragons and found out that their breath AoE skill can hit your own creatures too if they are in front of the dragon. Breach I’m not sure if you included this fact in your guide but you definitely should, unlike the spellfire chimera these creatures will deal friendly fire.

    When storm dragons came out and I saw tesalos (the one who hits 4×1 with 25% chance to paralyze) I thought he was gonna make a great alternative to storm lizard king…after I learned about this strange fact I’m not sure if I want him anymore. Also that new storm dragon queen (Volante Voidstep), have any idea what her teleport skill does?

  107. hmmm do you guys think that a Legendary True Shot is worth adding to 15 card rush deck ( 3 howler,2 fenris,1 zeeva,1 lucius, 1 maia, 1 mifzuna, 1 darius, 1 alice, 3x blow, 1x premed) because I see a lot of the “good” rangers using it in their balance. Also the 10 damage tru shot can OHKO velassar and Azrael and Chimera, templars below godlike rank, howlers, 5 damage to rulk, and if not kill mortally wound most creatures. Should I slap this card in for the rare howler i use??

  108. Yeah Tene, i’ll change classes today, but still going to decide what to do. Even though i invested a lot on rush creatures i have good tanks and slow creatures as well. Then i’ll just see what adapts better to my playstyle, and i’ll get some tips with some more experienced rangers :).
    I know ranger rush is risky with all the hp loss(i did it on equalizer already).
    Well, for Swift Raid i’ll really need to get lucky, i have only 781 gold currently. And yeah, it’s an awesome and very expensive skill(last one i saw sold for 2000 gold).

  109. You could get them from auction (fast but will need a nice handful of gold), fuse from alch. lab (cheaper but much longer way), or if you’re one of those lucky types open the 10k skill packs (fast and cheap but very random). Swift raid you need to cut off an arm and leg to buy (prepare a good 3-4k gold…no joke) but its worth every penny, or you need an incredible amount of patience in alch lab.

    Rush vs balanced is a style preference, as a ranger you have a lot of flexibility between these two. Be warned though that ranger rush puts a tremendous amount of strain on your hp, those wolves cost hp and your skills cost hp, the goal of it all is to outspeed your foe and constantly pressure them. If you’re like me and prefer a balanced approach, its much more safe because you can play defensive or offensive without the massive hp loss.

  110. Well, in the current situation i think it’s better to switch to ranger and try to invest more on ranger decks.(better control, more deck possibilities), specially because i never switched classes before lol. I’ll try something new.
    After i get my hands on the good spikerush cards i’ll see if i’ll change back to warrior, or maybe even use the 2 classes :D.
    Thanks for the tips Breach and Tene. :)

    Also, for the ranger skills, Epic Deadly Blow, Epic Double Stab and Epic Disinfo, the best place to get them is AH right?
    I’m planning to have a rush and a balanced or slow deck on pvp now, just to test and see what fits better my playstile, etc.
    For a rush deck i’ll need luck into getting Swift Raid into alchemy, as of now i don’t have gold to be competitive for it on AH :P.

    Edinaldo_saoder (my kongregate name lol)

  111. I was emphasizing how much a legend one is superior because I run a rush deck, and pulling out cards from my 15 card deck as fast as possible really helps. It seems that you run balance, so I understand your viewpoint there, but as rush, I like getting cards out faster vs pulling out quality cards.

    spamin wolves ftw

  112. “OMG having a premed come back in pvp makes me win 9/10. A legend makes you look pro and +8% chance to come back is awesome. using one is good, but the top 3 person local uses 2.”

    The epic version is a 16% return, the legendary is a 24% chance return which is already quite high, adding more than one would be redundant why not use that extra card space for something more useful?

    Also, I was addressing to the person who asked and I’m assuming (though his questions) that he isn’t one of those top players and may in fact just be starting out. Using more than one would actually handicap you early on due to the hp cut and a taken card slot. Yes, the top 3 person uses 2 but the top 3 person also has a deck full of legendaries and probably atleast ~50hp to go with that to back it up. For his purposes, I suggested using only 1. I’ve been though trial and error and I can tell you from experience that sometimes winning or losing can mean having as little as 1 more hp than your opponent. You can use however many you like as a preference but my personal recommendation is use 1.

  113. “My advice is to put 1 premed in your deck (legendary is not necessary so epic is okay for most cases), and use ONLY 1.”. OMG having a premed come back in pvp makes me win 9/10. A legend makes you look pro and +8% chance to come back is awesome. using one is good, but the top 3 person local uses 2.

  114. Tene pretty much covered it. I’d also add that building a Ranger rush deck is far easier than a Warrior spikerush, as Rangers are more versatile and less reliant on speed and can remove obstacles easier.

  115. more Mifzunas, eventually Maia and then more Military Charge to emphasis Alice, Mifzuna, Maia and Assassin attacks. Last Stand has to go out sooner or later, as a Warrior you have to play fast or you get wrecked since you can’t tackle tanks like Rulk and Desperate Soul, which are omnipresent. Tanwen is nice but you can probably do without after you’ve obtained the mentioned cards.

  116. Breach, I’ve made a blog about my RoM experiences and somehow people like it! :o
    piggy rolling forever! ~(‘o’) (.o.)~ ~(‘o’)

  117. @Anon
    That looks like a pretty decent ranger skill set, you can start with that. As a ranger myself (top 50 cross server), I would recommend trying to get epic/legendary versions of disinfo/DB ASAP. Those two skills are an absolute must, they are like ranger signature skills and is what makes rangers extremely ferocious customers in pvp.

    My advice is to put 1 premed in your deck (legendary is not necessary so epic is okay for most cases), and use ONLY 1. The biggest mistake I see rookie rangers do is to put three of em in a deck because they think they can use mob numbers as their advantage, they don’t realize that 3 premeds is 15hp right off the bat without your opponent even touching you. Shaving off 15hp is like ~32% of your life. This card has pretty nice mastery anyway so there’s another reason.

    If possible, try ditching true shot for double stab. DS is the superior of the two because you won’t be rendered useless should you run into nimble decks, in addition it hits 2 enemies so more chance to crit so higher damage overall!

    All other ranger skills are optional, they are nice to have but you’ll do absolutely ok without them, unless you’re going for rush in which you should try to get your hands on Swift raid.
    Good luck!

  118. On another note, i have 2 Deadly blows (Rare), 3 Premeditations(Epic, Rare and Good), 3 Disinformations (2 Rares, 1 Good) and 3 True Shots (Rare).

    I don’t know if it would be good to change to ranger with the skills i have now, but what do you recommend? Should i try changing to Ranger or remain as a Warrior by now?

  119. Hey Breach. I’m just starting to get close the pvp rankings, last season i did get the local top 100 rewards for the first time(currently level 52, VIP0) on 2v2(got close to top200 cross, was 190th when i got to sleep, ~14 hours before season ends, when i logged in it has ended and i was out lol). But still having some problems with 1v1.

    As i’m a Warrior, i have a spikerush deck for both 1v1 and 2v2:

    2x Howlers (Rare)
    2x Fenris (Epic)
    1x Mifzuna (Epic)
    1x Darius (Epic)
    1x ARK Sniper (Epic)
    1x Lucius (Epic)
    1x Tanwen (Epic)
    1x Alice (Epic)
    1x ARK Assassin (Epic)
    3x Encourage (Epic)
    3x Slash (Rare)
    1x Military Charge (epic)
    1x Last Stand (Legendary)

    Well, i’m not too sure about this, Last Stand has a high cd, but when i can use it it can be very nice.
    I was thinking of getting another Military Charge. As Well as combining an epic slash(but it will still take some time).
    What could i do to improve it?

  120. Sealeds are really random, with a high chance of complete fail. If you do well on normal equalizers (by that I mean enough to compensate the entry, so 3+ wins if I remember right), you can try!

  121. ok, so start buying up all of the ranger skills that I use in my rush deck and try to get 20 of them. I wasn’t thinking building a deck around as much as a control deck like the one you posted, as I have the rest of the creatures listed, plus a yumi. I guess first try to upgrade all of the ranger skills. also, are the for gold equalizers and sealeds worth entering?

  122. Breach, for your deck I recommend Flame Dragonkins (good amount of hp, sunder armor, and they usually get crazy high attacks) and Battle Abesses (to hold Dragonkins or your worthy cards, they get attack and health too) to smash a Smasha’ or Soul.

    By the way, today I saw godlike Smasha’ and Eacann in 2v2…
    That’s third godlike I faced in pvp, counting Ofeigur in 1v1 :’c

  123. farm silver as in do a lot of bosses, participate in Showdown, buying only the 1k packs, avoiding combine and extracts. just saving up generally!

    do not spend gold for reputation and collection. reputation after level +30 gets so slow and tedious that the only decent way to upgrade it is with tower coins. collection is not worth it, as the 75% collection in Guide cards are pretty garbage. reputation is also grinded at map1-1 with a repu deck till the point where you need tokens.

    if you’re a rusher, just finish up your rush deck and upgrade it to legendary card by card. things to save gold for are legendary skills like Premeditation, Double Stab, True Shot, Swift Raid and Deadly Blow (although most of these would be very expensive) and legendary creatures like Maia, Tariel, Mifzuna, Fenris, Darius, Alice, ARK Sniper, Saggitarius, Lucius.

    it’s quite difficult to build a working strategy like that in this game and make it work in PVP and such. the problem is also that a lot of players are Mage or Ranger, which can 1-hit get rid of Yumi. I do not recommend you try to ‘specialize’ your deck, just make a typical balanced deck of various great cards and add Tactic:Decay and Yumi in it, don’t try to theme the deck on 2 cards but keep it as an option.

  124. And after undead you can either go for human rep for Alice crits (not worth it all), but I’d really recommend to get elf rep to 50 to get Tariel or halfblood rep to 50 just to have more crits.

    The best source of silver is probably doing boss runs with guildies and events, I also get a lot of silver from guild showdown.

  125. @anon,

    My main is on dark forest.

    Breach, what do you mean by farm silver? I never figured that one out.

    So in order to improve upon my rush deck, the next steps are basically to save up medals for maia, first up my hb rep to 42, then up my undead rep to 42, and then start combining.

    current hp: 47

    What do you recommend that I do with my gold? buy leg creatures for repping/collection, buy additional ranger skills/explore the possibility of also building a yumi+that poison thing control/counterrush deck, or attempt to upgrade armor/get hp up?

  126. you have very cheap cards, I’m not sure do Drums (and the 3cd drum especially) are helping things much. Maia you simply have to get with PVP medals, because she does go for like 3000 gold in Auction. while it’s expensive, it really just takes time to get it. Alice is pretty amazing, if you can’t get it for free she is definitively worth the gold. she works in almost every deck, is best used as a spikerush or as a card you keep in hand to land when a Desperate Soul attacks.

  127. farm silver, keep buying Dariuses until you can safely combine a legendary Darius. keep refreshing alchemy to you get Swift Raid

  128. Oh yes i see what you mean. Random thunderbolts hurt, especially if your 20 hp and 4 archamges all decide to focus fire and crut on you, avoiding your 5 creatures on the board.

  129. the real mean thing about Nimble Thunderbolt is that the mages can randomly hit the opponent (which you want) and with crits (like 6-8 damage crits) you can figure it takes a few mages a very short time to destroy a player. so, with Cloaked Shot you pretty much finish off what they started. it’s an optional card for sure, but I think it fits.

  130. skeletal throne is cheap. maia only para sells for 2.5k dont buy wiht gold, buy wiht meadls

    3. howler(2 epic, 1 rare)
    2x fenris( legend)
    1x zeeva (legend)
    1x darius
    1x alice
    1x maia
    1x mifzuna
    1x lucius( legend)
    1x premed
    3x blow

    any suggestions what to do next? 1335 gold adter season ends :D

  131. and I might add, that’s starting with no ranger rep and inviting random people from the lobby to be my 2v2 partner.

    beginning to like swift raid. good for either spiking or having a group of creatures clear alot of high hp defenses in 1 turn.

  132. On another note, advice on new build? Are the added cards down the bottom appropriate? I’ve often seen 2 drums being used but still unsure whether its the best approach for this deck.

    3x Deadly Blow (2 epic, 1 rare)
    2x Double Stab (epic)
    2x Fenris the Butcher (epic)
    1x Darius Darkhand (epic)
    1x Smash’a Rulk (epic)
    2x Werewolf Howler (rare)
    1x Silivi Ranger (epic)
    1x Mifzuna the Wind (epic)
    1x Repeated Crossbowman (epic)
    1x Wolfclan Battle Drum (epic)
    1x Tengu Assaulter (epic)
    1x Juliet (epic)
    1x Mynx Hammershock (epic)
    1x Arc Sniper (epic)
    1x Arc Thumper (epic)
    1x Zeeva Stonebreaker (epic)

    1x Centaur Marksman (legendary)
    1x Battle Drum (epic)

    Lastly what should I be saving up for? On Skeletal throne, Cane usually doesn’t appear in auction and when it does, it’s swamped by whales. Alice well she goes for 200-300g, not sure its worth buying. And the Maia you suggested Breach, that’s far too expensive. I’m lost as to what to improve.

  133. Thanks for the advice. I fused the swift raid today and immediately afterwards started doing 2v2s to test my deck, which I made according to your suggestions minus the double stab, which I’m still bidding on, and it brought my 2v2 score from next to nothing, as I’ve not done much 2v2 all season, to top 200 cross server. aiming higher next season. And thats just in a matter of a few hours. Lost only one upon fusing swift raid.

  134. Personally I don’t believe warrior is the best class for pvp. Especially if your deck is mainly epics and you want to be competitive. Remove centaur marksman and replace it with arc sniper. Try to get a legendary mifzuna. Also you might need some creatures for defense so smasha’ rulk and arc thumper (or zeeva stonebreaker) would do fine (defense is really optional here).

    I find that having a hybrid deck defense/rush wins you more battles than a full blown rush if you don’t have cards like the rushers at the very top. If you make it right you’ll easily sail into top 200 cross.

  135. ooooh that’s definitively a problem then. if it was all or mostly Legendary it would easily power the way through to top100 especially with warrior skills, but like this it’s quite behind on the competition, as you noticed. also you have to know that people that are not rushing are expecting rush; in most cases Ranger and Mage control will just toy around with your deck if it’s underpowered. going Ranger till you rank up will certainly help you.

  136. well not sure would it be welcome to ask macros for help, I mean we are guildmates and friends so… I’m not sure would he be willing to for ‘outsiders’. :) but he’s definitively a nice guy, don’t get me wrong.

  137. Okay, so from now I’ll focus on getting that halfblood rep to 50, and then getting some more nimbles. I’ll also try to contact macr0s.
    And I’m going to sit on gold. I’ll spend it on nothing else than 50-70g scorches and enchanting my gear. Same with silver, just elf pack a day and guild donation. I don’t even care any longer about combine and such.

  138. Thanks i will switch to ranger until i can get at least one maia and another miz

  139. You need more mifs/mias for warrior. The best warriors in developed servers have 2 mif, 2 mia. If you do not spikerush, or can’t, you might want to give up some skills. Personally, I did a warrior rush just like yours except I used 3 centaur riders, 1 slash, and 2 enc. You only need those skills if you are spikerushing. Btw, get epic enc. ASAP. Spending 60 PVP tokens you can combine 1 or buy for like 50-150 in AH.. Ofc, other option is to go to ranger, which I advice- even if you do not have swift/blow, true shot and double stab are still at least as good skills as slash and enc in a plain swarm rush.

  140. o wait i see the problem i write wrong those are not Legenadry are all’epic thats why i cant try topp200

  141. i spent some gold in AH buyed some pack and upgraded the deck to this

    2x Fenris (Leg)

    1x Mizufuna (Leg)

    1x Centaur MArksman (Leg)

    1x Alice(Leg)

    1x Wherewolf ironclaw (Leg)

    1x Sylvi ranger (Leg)

    3x Wherewolf Howler (Rare)

    3x Encourage (Rare)

    2x Slash (Rare)

    i equipped also my fire rune and did pvp for about an hour….. it seems i cant get beyond 1000 points, i usually lost 2 game for each one i win maybe i should not try top 200 until another couple of month

  142. as a Warrior you should focus more on spike attacks (because as a Warrior your skills are very limited on removing obstacles, and you’re basically fucked once Desperate Soul, Rulk and such tanks start blocking lanes) so I’d suggest getting Military Charge, King’s Emissary Alice, Maia, another Mifzuna, Lucius and/or Ark Sniper.

    I’d kick out Horseman for sure and Peg Legionnaire as well (too vulnerable to ranged rune and spear) and as you get the cards I suggest you will not need Sylvi Ranger so that goes out too in favor of more spike related cards.

    You don’t need to go Ranger if you want to rush, but take in mind that a Warrior simply has to spikerush otherwise he’s at a disadvantage. I think you have good enough cards for top200.

  143. hi, thanks for the guide!
    i’m currently running this deck, do you think i could aim to do top 200 with this or should i upgrade it?

    1x Fenris (Leg)

    1x Mizufuna (Leg)

    1x Centaur MArksman (Leg)

    1x Pegasus Legionaire (Leg)

    1x Sylvi ranger (Leg)

    3x Wherewolf Howler (Rare)

    2x Horseman (Rare)

    3x Encourage (Rare)

    2x Slash (Rare)

    Could this go? or i should power it more before tryng top 200?

    i considered switching to ranger but i lack swift raid and deadly blow so maybe is not usefull right now

  144. well Macros from my guild helped me with my balanced 1vs1 deck since I was running into trouble this season. I’ll post that sometime later.

  145. Vrath, dont waste any gold and save it up and get epic nimbles (3 archmages, 2 praetorians and 3 leigiionnares) and your standard mage skills.

  146. Which deck should I use in 1v1? Nimble deck won’t work, got only one legendary and four epic nimbles :/

  147. as for the deck, it’s a pretty nice mixture of defense and offense. once you get Swift, Alice, Lucius and Maia you can really go spikerushing with it – for now I’d just maintain the kind of balanced strategy and get more power cards like Cain.

  148. for sure! with skills, a skill with Mastery is far more valuable than without. for example, a epic Sanctuary might not sell for much nowadays, but a legendary Sanctuary (Mastery 8%) can go very high, because of course the chance to get it which is boosted by your Hero Crit and Priest Reputation.

  149. yeah, you don’t need any of those Rangers skills really. (even as Flashbomb and T:Distraction are alright)

  150. so in other words, true shot should be temporary fillers until I get my hands on double stab and another db (I seem to be good at getting outbid on those). I’m guessing meanwhile, start saving medals for maia?

  151. Should i buy epic cards from rep shop and extract them to get the survival guides and strategic maps i need to fuse legendary swift raid? Is it worth the silver or should i just be patient?

  152. I’m using a rush/counter rush hybrid deck and am looking for some advice?

    As most of you might have noticed, alot of the cards here are easy to obtain (I’m a nooby player) from auction but with this deck I’ve manage to defeat quite a few high ranked players (“high ranked” is quite subjective so I’ll define it as top 20 local).

    3x Deadly Blow (2 epic, 1 rare)
    2x Double Stab (epic)
    2x Fenris the Butcher (epic)
    1x Darius Darkhand (epic)
    1x Smash’a Rulk (epic)
    2x Werewolf Howler (rare)
    1x Silivi Ranger (epic)
    1x Mifzuna the Wind (epic)
    1x Repeated Crossbowman (epic)
    1x Wolfclan Battle Drum (epic)
    1x Tengu Assaulter (epic)
    1x Juliet (epic)
    1x Mynx Hammershock (epic)
    1x Arc Sniper (epic)
    1x Arc Thumper (epic)
    1x Zeeva Stonebreaker (epic)

    Looks like quite an odd deck but it words surprisingly well. Adding legendary swift raid to that soon. Tactical rushing / defensive play works best with this deck.

    Any advice?

    **Also is it worth buying another deadly blow epic to replace the rare db?

  153. Hey, on the gear part of the guide the equipment is mixed up-you get pendant from castle of bones and insignia from desert fortress

  154. I’ve combined legendary charm! Adding it to rep deck and as soon as I reach halfblood 50/mage 40 will use tokens on mage.

    Though, legendary petrify and freeze? I think it may kill me! Epic freeze comes back up to two times, petrify – didn’t even count…

  155. Cloaked Shot I would keep out of 1vs1, it can be problematic and unhelpful especially if drawn early. a better replacement is Lucius. you certainly need more Deadly Blows, also consider replacing/adding True Shot with Double Stab (which is handy at taking out antirush nimble setups, which are common duo to Deadly Blow) and I do like Tanwen Wildfire as sometimes your opponent might still be left on bottom of health and then manage to take control of battle.

  156. Hey breach,
    need you to rate my attempt at a ranger rush deck. I’m trying to get my pvp up next season. am waiting for the final ingredients of swift raid, which showed up in my alchemy lab some time ago.

    As for this one, I like my score too much to risk things with a class that I don’t have much rep in (yet).


    1x swift raid
    1x premed
    1x db
    1x true shot (maybe 2, since I have 2)
    1x cloaked shot

    1x darius
    2x fenris
    2x mifzuna (will buy maia if I can ever get enough medals)
    1x alice
    1x ark sniper

    I’m trying to collect the other ranger skills, just not there yet.

    aim is to consistently stay in the top 64 of the local server for a few weeks in either 1v1 or 2v2.


  157. Hey breach!

    Found some mistakes in elite cards:
    Gringenheist (should be Gringheist)
    Varkhus (Varkus (Vrath could be good too))

    And, today I’ve got myself a nice, brand new 5-star Fenris the Butcher! I’m so proud of it!
    But, it didn’t gave me any advantage in 1v1… End of season is close, legendary horse and rune don’t help much.
    I’m buying every epic scorch I can – 10 for now… Sometimes people are bidding above 100 gold!
    So, I’ve got a question – what should I try to get now? (excluding the scorch and arma)

  158. I think Bael is the superior of the two, especially if you have Armageddon or a good tactical moment to land into game. (you can win a game for example by playing Bael and then killing creatures near the opponent to deal perhaps critical damage) August is pretty much all muscle and his knights eventually break through nearly anything, but he’s less tactical and takes more time.

  159. Hi, I’m a mage. Do you think getting Bael/Augustus will be a better choice? (for a power deck)

  160. Purge can come in handy, especially in 4vs4 where it’s almost certain to come useful, but otherwise I just keep it out of most of my decks. I do understand it comes useful vs priests but I normally compensate with accurate play and other skills. :)

    Abbess I like as a creature, but it’s real slow for 1vs1. it’s a gamble drawing this card early, often can get you killed. more Legionnaire/Praetorians is superuseful, Repeating Heavy Crossbow also, and if you pulled any Trojan spears those also are cool. a heavy vigi approach will save you from those pesky rushers. Charm is so-so, I would probably not use them at such low rarity. Lucius I don’t feel fits your deck much, especially with so many area attackers (since dragons) and runes around – he’s a whole card you lose to some really cheap method. you can add Hermes Wings and more werewolves, Darius, Dread Champion and such things that you can really hurt your opponent with when boosted by wings. Senior Thunder Lizard I would likely kick out. get Tanwen too!

    you can get nearly all of these cards by filling up your guide.

  161. And on a side note you haven’t edited the Mausoleum Stage 1 part where you call velyn “the elf with the magic reflect, can’t remember his name”. It’s a minor error but as usual my OCD is acting up =P

  162. Breach can you help me give some feedback on my deck please? I’m trying to do a mage balanced deck. So I’m using:

    Heavy repeating crossbow
    Battle abbess
    Elven legionnaire
    Elven guard
    Purge (I know you don’t like it but it gives me a line of offense against sancs and I do reasonably well with the other 29 cards)
    2 Deep freeze (1 epic, 1 rare)
    2 Petrify (1 epic, 1 rare)
    Poison swamp (rare)
    Battle drum
    Feles assasin master
    Tengu assaulter
    Tengu shadow warrior
    Elven sharp shooter (legendary)
    Dread phantom
    Unholy skelly
    Senior thunder lizard
    Flame dragonkin
    Fireball (rare)
    2 Charm (both rare)

    I use 1 of each, epic, unless specially stated.
    So there’s a few lower rarities (trying to get them higher) and a lack of Tempest. I’m not doing very well in pvp at the moment (hoping for better progress next season) so I’m short on medals. Tournaments and the like are out of my play time so I can’t do stuff there. Do you have any other advice for me? Thanks!

  163. after every patch to the server, the cards that are yet to be available in promo sale usually show up in the Guide. :)

  164. Where did you find out about Onslaught Knight Lawrence? Can’t seem to find him google outside of this post.

  165. @GEJ
    Actually maia and miffy cannot hit the “hero” assuming ferena is out since they have to be right infront of something to attack, their windwalk will still work though! However, maia, miffy, and werewolves would be out LONG before ferena can even come into play so her ability does little to stop whatever is already on the field. BTW sylvis are not affected by her ability due to fleet foot.

    This debate is getting a little silly because I would not pick one over the other, if you asked me to choose I would probably pick Ryli because I am more used to her (and because the hero’s bane can take out a pretty good chunk of hp if she’s not dealt fast.) With that said, I don’t believe she’s worth 8000 gold. I’ve seen kings cards go for a bit less than that so there’s no way she’s more expensive, (King Val is only 7-7.5k or so in my server and he’s like uber rare).

    I’ll tell you which card is fail: GABRIEL! When I saw this guy it was like the biggest slap in the face. I would take abyss over him any day. They should have made healing chant heal all friendly creatures by 5 and have his seraphim ability to make all friendly creatures immune to negative status effects. Right now: ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!

  166. You have a section for festival cards but what’s difference between festival and event?

  167. “Miffy/maia cant hit”
    Check their abilities mister… They can still hit you if they are on the furthest square with windwalk. She only -1 range…

    “All ogres like Smasha rulk or trolls or whatever with dumb become walls”
    Top players of the food chain almost never run troll decks, hell even intermediate players barely run these. The only one is smasha but this is not a strong argument.

    “all werewolves cant hit u in 2 turns”
    And is this somehow going to save you when they line their wolves up back to back?

    “ranged attacks gain -1 range- so those longbows cant hit u from first turn (picture King vel)
    every creature gains -1 movement, so in 2v2/4v4 u get about 1-2 turns MORE of defense time, so its sorta like embrave a little”
    Ryli stops them completely so……
    also, that -1 range ain’t gonna stop forestall cause he’s a bow type and those have more range than magic users.

    “13 Hp= above most nukes, ryli dies to legend slash or an epic skill and a rune”
    Ryli is completely unhindered by petrify/status effect. How would you like to summon a ferena just to have her get turned into stoned, flashbombed, amnesia?

    “Ryli seems to get blocked every time, 1horse= by by ryli in fact agustus = by bye ryli
    Ferena kills hit and run things- sorta gets in range of anything you want.”
    And you think Ferena can stop agustus?? He summons HORSES, her ability isn’t gonna be helpful considering its only -1 speed, that puts them at the werewolf level. Ryli can actually stop them, block is about probability.

    “It eliminates possibilites of things with normal range attacking your creearture twice- if X’s are opp creautrees, and O,’s are yours XXO only 1 X can hit an 0. Thats saving a lot of dmg.”
    LOL, you make it seem like melee creatures are the only thing a player has, veteran/seasoned players will always have a good mix of melee, magic and ranged creatures in addition to skill cards. I must also add in the Ryli has AoE damage so even though she has 1 atk, she actually does much more damage and will slowly chip away your foe’s hp while she’s at it!

    “Plus, shes rarer.”
    Rare does not necessarily mean good, more costly doesn’t mean more quality. I can make a whole list of real life examples if you like…

    “Ryli is OP, but Ferena is better”
    Both are good, I just disagreed with her value listed here. Why you getting so defensive?

    Here’s the question: Do you want ME to continue??? =)

  168. Just to put it into perspective:
    Miffy/maia cant hit
    All ogres like Smasha rulk or trolls or whatever with dumb become walls
    all werewolves cant hit u in 2 turns
    ranged attacks gain -1 range- so those longbows cant hit u from first turn (picture King vel)
    every creature gains -1 movement, so in 2v2/4v4 u get about 1-2 turns MORE of defense time, so its sorta like embrave a little
    13 Hp= above most nukes, ryli dies to legend slash or an epic skill and a rune
    Ryli seems to get blocked every time, 1horse= by by ryli in fact agustus = by bye ryli
    Ferena kills hit and run things- sorta gets in range of anything you want.
    It eliminates possibilites of things with normal range attacking your creearture twice- if X’s are opp creautrees, and O,’s are yours XXO only 1 X can hit an 0. Thats saving a lot of dmg.
    Plus, shes rarer.
    Want me to continue:)
    Ryli is OP, but Ferena is better

  169. You make ferena sound incredible, in actuality pretty ineffective to ranged and magic based units since they don’t have to move and they attack from a distance anyway. In my eyes I see her as a ghetto version of ryli who can stop opponents in their tracks completely with her freeze (except for a couple of occasional blocks) making her basically untouchable. Ferena’s ability handicaps the opponent but not in a way that I find to be a game changer. In addition she’s vulnerable to status effects.

    Her sister danika is also a problem, 12 CD is enough time for your *** to get kicked twice before you can even summon her. Granted if she does get on the field she’ll make it a living hell for your foe but I think she’s just a novelty card if anything, especially since she cannot be inspired.

    Both of those totally not worth >4k IMO (maybe ferena but that’s still kind of pushing it).

  170. You may also use heroic cavalry. Although people use spearmen, your werewolves will eat them, ya? *ideal is when you draw heroic/soul eater cavalry first and opponent can’t stop it… Then he might place his vigilance, but you’re well armed with nukes and werewolves!*

    Or you may focus on halfbloods and invest in totem, sometimes opponents allow them to pass through, and you can drop totem and they can become dangerous! Also works well with Mifzuna.

  171. Unfortunately, ARK sniper is not available in KAL, and its new server so there owuld probably not be 1 anyway. Thanks for advice on deck! ONe problem I keep encountering are VIP 3+ with 2-3 miffys, 20 dmg unstobabble without nukes and they have nukes. Still, deadly is so good. ANd yeah: I gotta replace horseman. Thank you!

  172. oh and another big important deal about nimbles; playing them inaccurately is the biggest weakness about them. instead of playing them the moment they are ready, keep them often in hand and wait for opponent to play. freeze and petrify everything and then send your troops; tank front, spear mid, mage behind. keep them away from direct combat as much as possible!

    the most troublesome opponents are full decks and priests; this demand massive effort to beat with nimble as Sanctuary can wreck your entire crew. Armageddon is most handy to deal with full decks.

  173. aw, sadness. I play a lot of nimble this late in season (duo to a big increase of rushers in pvp as they all literally rush for score!) and so far it’s kept me nicely cruising towards top64 even as to be honest I’m really getting lazy and lacking competitiveness. my deck as follows is something like this;

    3x Legionnaire
    2x Praetorian
    3x Mage
    3x Archmage
    3x Deep Freeze
    3x Petrify
    3x Tempest
    1x Purge
    1x Armageddon
    2x Meditation
    2x Rebel (important point is that they’re legendary)
    1x Velyn (legendary)

    Pretty much all cards epic except the mentioned leg ones. Armageddon is a very nice touch a lot of the time, but not crucial. the rebels and velyn I feel are important as tanks to support my fragile wimpy elves. as for gamestyle I try as much as I can to keep the elves near my own spawn, and I petrify and create walls for them so they don’t move forward. another important point is that I’m nearing mage repu50 and I already have elf repu50.

  174. you can use ARK Sniper. Lucius pretty much works as a 1cd Cloaked Shot that might hit several times in most situations, so he’s not that bad even with runes around. Horseman should really go first, both too low damage and weak to spear… Sylvi Rangers are nice especially if you buff them with Life.

    you can go pretty risky and play a lot more howlers, fenrises and deadly blow; you generally wanna destroy the opponent so quickly that he has no time to reach you, so at times it is alright to go completely suicidal to kill someone. :) I do say avoid it in the guide because you will occasionally lose a game like this, but you will probably win much more.

    I guess the only creatures unaffected by Ferena would be Ryli, Aphrodena and such that have Negative effect protection! I still have to see Ferena in action.

  175. I usually play with Ranger since Deadly Blow goes well in nearly any situation, and sometimes with a Mage since 2 mages especially with Armageddon pretty much dictate the whole battle.

    interesting! I don’t think I would play Swift Death in smaller formats, in pvp1 there’s usually a ton of rushers and it’s risky to play something like that… but on pvp2 it’s already a good card. I really got wrecked once on pvp4 when a whole team of rangers pretty much emptied my hand.

  176. hey , i am the guy who searched for the antirush deck ;)

    i tried a bit nimble again, with my epics and mass spells 3 Tempest , 3 Freeze, 3 Petrify and lost nearly every game, and 200 Points^^
    I switched spells, got a second Legend Scorch and hmm, still loose^^

    The standard Balanced-Antirush Version works okay, and i tried drums, westley, Rulk etc… everything, but i still cant say i win more then 50 % vs those Spike rushers
    I dont have arma, maybe it would help

    I kinda search a good Deck for Postseason to beat Rush (with confidence xD)

    i am top 8 on my server

  177. Hello I am playing on a new server on Kings and Legends (not rise of Mythos) and no one has any cards. I am trying to get some good howlers or centaur riders to make a good rush… but I have too little HP (39) to do 3 blow 3 howlres so I do 1 blow 2 howlers… im currently top 4 in local/cross server. Anyway, I chose ranger and I want to know if this deck sounds any good for an early stage of the game… Btw im VIP 4 and got legend fenirs and lucius but I hate lucius. And im a big fan of this guide. I read it every day.
    1X Horseman epic
    2Xtrue shot (1 epic, 1 rare)
    1X double stab (rare)
    2X howlers (1 good, 1 rare)
    1 Sylvi (Epic)
    2X cetaur riders (1 epic, 1 rare)
    1X Alice (Epic)
    1X mif (epic)
    1X Darius (this was a lucky find:) Epic
    1X Fenris (Legend)
    and 2X werewolf ironclaw epic for lack of better option. So I need advice on deck building and on what I should buy with 1500 gold or so in AH (I love new servers)
    About the guide: Just a question on Ferena drake: does her ability affect every enemy creature? Thats so OP and I actually have a chance to win her:) Anyway thanks for the guide Breach!

  178. 1. I am interested as to what class your 2v2 partner is.
    2. swift death is actually quite playable in legendary or even epic; #1 person cross , the vip 11, runs 3, thats right 3 swift deaths.

  179. It’s not always that outsiders had rep, they changed that with updates… so I had to update a lot of places in the guide when that came around! of course I missed some, so please, tell me where you found it so I can fix. :)

  180. Lame! My outsider level is 10 :P
    Lawrence is neither Mynx or Zeeva, and he has no counterattack… He’s just a nice, semi-defensive cheap unit.

  181. Breach you keep saying outsider gets no rep bonus but it does. I have Outsider rep level 3 now. Your info is incorrect.

  182. uhmmm, he is basically a mynx and a zeeva with counterattack, so you guys seem to be underestimating him. He is also an event card so expect everyone to have epic version of him, and some leg.

  183. At legendary. At epic it has no stun and weaker attack. And he doesn’t reduces every attack, just Psychical. My fireball wrecks him, same with deadly blow. And i use a lot of magic and sunder armor, also got some tanks to block his attacks completely :P

  184. UHHHHHM WTF LOOK IN GUIDE FESTIVAL TAG ONSLAUGHT KNIGHT LAURENCE 3 cd 4 attack 12 health, reduce ALL damage to 2, knockback, and 50% chance stun???? too op

  185. 3x Elven Legionnaire are oretty close to becoming a must nowadays, mass up on deep freeze/tempest/petrify, swamp is optional but a sweet card nonetheless…
    generally, control skills and Nimble creatures for defense since Warrior and Ranger rush depends on clearing up lanes – which is best done with skills. you still might lose to occasional crits and other garbage, but having 100% win rate is impossible.

  186. you could really make room for Deep Freeze, I mean that card is pretty much like a free kill with good mastery! it’s also your best defense against the popular rush.

    you should work on getting Armageddon, I prefer having 3x Legionnaire and Mynx.

  187. HP ring is generally the most useful to all classes, and Mages can make great use of Hero Crit. the only one I’d never recommend is Unit Block, the rest is pretty much up to you.

  188. I would like to know your guys opnion on my power deck.
    1 leg tanwen
    1 leg elven rebel
    1 epic elven pretorean
    1 epic elven legionare
    1 leg temptress lolreli
    1 leg tariel
    1 leg augustus
    1 leg yumi
    1 leg lionroar
    1 leg desprate soul
    1 leg ofeigur
    1 leg scorch
    3 epic petrify
    3 epic lighting temepest
    2 mediation
    1 leg velyn
    1 leg battle drum
    1 epic zeeva
    1 leg fenris
    1 epic fenris
    1 epic smasha
    1 leg aprodena
    1 leg judge aleksandra
    1 epic tengu assulter
    1 epic juliet

    I am working on my hb rep to get it to 50 to get vara and going to try to get ryli with pvp tokens

  189. 1. My guildies have Sorann, so I had a occasion to see her damaging him.
    2. I’m using a kind of stall-antimeta deck. A lot of tengu backstabbers, some nimble spears, a lot of freezes and pets, battle drums, Desperate Soul, Trojan Hoplite, Zombie Captain (it rather needs to be legendary), Zeeva (used to take down petrified creatures, but also good at stopping a fenris), Mynx, Juliet and Templars. If you’re really high and they rather spike, I’d rather use more Sylvi, nimbles and possibly Westley.
    3. Breach, I’m asking again – which ring to buy as a mage?

  190. The thick headed trolls and smasha are also good anti rush cards. I also use a leg battle drum to block a lane and i sugeest to have lighting temepest as an answer to tariel. Alice does deal damage to sorran. Sorran’s disdain does reduce damage, so holy and sunder armor damage can still damage him.

  191. you can easily go 3x petrify 3x freeze 3x tempest and whatever skills you feel you need (like fireball, swamp and certainly armageddon if you have it) and I really gotta say that Nimble creatures like Legionnaires, Velyn and legendary Rebels are very much needed to counter the usual cheap shots Rangers and Warriors do.

    keep shopping for elf packs!

  192. p.s.: I am not 100 % sure, but Alice deals 0 dmg vs Sorann, no overwriting of disdain,
    The dmg doesnt get reduced, he simply doesnt get dmg from cd 2 units ;)

  193. Hey Breach, i need some help ;)

    How to Beat Rush?
    On my server in the Top 20 (1v1) are 90 % rusher.
    Most Top player got 50-60 HP and i want to play antirush mage and want to win more then 50 % of the games vs rushers ( i dont care for other balanced players )

    Lets asume a Rush Deck (good one) at my server :

    For Hunter
    2 Mifzuna (Legend)
    2 Maia
    2 Fenris (Legend)
    2 Howler (5/9)
    1 Darius (Legend)
    1 Sagitarius/Libra/Zeeva
    1-2 Swift Raid
    2 Deadly Blow
    1 True Shot / Double Stab
    1 Premedation

    How to beat this?
    I got only epic Nimble Creatures (besides 1 Legi), and they kinda lack power to beat Fenris /Howler or get crushed from Mifzunas, simply i get in high card disadvantage with nimble only.

    At the moment i use some Deck like your balanced Mage deck with 2 Swamps, 1 Legendary Scorch at the moment, but it still doesnt work. I dont use Eacann, since he doesnt work well vs Rush. I added some cd 1 Skeletons, and they are sweet, but its ot perfect, i tried Westley etc.. ;)

    Can you post a nice Antirush decklist? ;) ( I have no Sorann)


  194. 1. Alice’s holy damage overrides Sorann’s Disdain!
    2. If I’d be able to buy a ring, which one to choose?
    3. I’m not able to buy a Zodiac, but have you seen Taurus? At legendary: 5 cd, 4/13, heavy cavalry 2, soul eater 2 and his zodiac ability – charge 2. Consider I’m a mage with wings :O saving gold if it pops in AH and rubies for universal packs…

  195. yeah, it’s troublesome to give advice for every class in the game, so I just have to be very vague and kinda generic about it.

    I’ll add your deck to the tower level, thanks!

  196. on the HB tower level with fenris, whitemane, and those howlers, I disagree with the vigi/backstab. Of course, I’m a mage, so it might be different for other classes.

    My deck for that particular level that’s pretty much guaranteed to work:

    3x deep freeze
    3x petrify
    1x fleshripper
    2x fenris
    1x zeeva
    1x howler
    1x flayer
    1x feles assassin
    1x tengu bloodseeker (orange)
    1x centaur guerilla leader (orange)

    I’m more for get a low cd physical tank in front of their heaviest hitter and something powerful right behind the tank.

  197. The problem with prices is that they vary form server to server. The newer the server, generally the more expensive the cards, and as the cards begin to pool up, they get cheaper. These prices are from the City Gates server which is older than most ROM servers. Anyway try keep to the guide no matter what server you’re on (I’ve learnt this the hard way). I brought Fenris the Butcher for around 250g back when Skeletal Throne was relatively new, and now its barely going over 100g.

  198. @breach

    I agree, you should definitely add an “elite” section, I think that would make this guide even better. Also, those cards can also be obtained via high pvp ranking at end of season, it’s been done before. The anon poster listed some cards that I haven’t even heard of and I had to look them up!

  199. I don’t know how things go with your server(s) but over on mine auction prices are inflated as hell. Just the other day we had an epic darius go for 400 gold. So I’m thinking maybe you could update the auction prices a little, because for me they are miles away from reality? That’d be a great help, because I’d like to know whether to wait for something cheaper or go along with the prices. Also what can I do if the cards I want are just not appearing at all in the auction? I’m trying to find Alice, Azrael, Mynx and Zeeva (following your mage control deck) but there’s nothing there except for a legendary mynx for 1750. Thanks.
    Also for those with similar cardhunting difficulties it’d be really nice if you could suggest substitutes for uniques and other relatively harder to obtain cards.

    Thanks again for writing the guide, it’s been invaluable.

  200. yeah, my issue with those elite cards, like Ferena, Calista, Winged Emperor and such, is that they’re simply not available in the present, even to the biggest spenders – at least until the new Champion (or whatever they gonna call em) packs arrive, and I’m going to assume right away that those packs are going to be at least VIP6-8 because of how powerful stuff you can get from them. Duo to this costing way too much $$$ and not a guarantee that you’ll actually get these cards, I’m pretty ready to say that like less than 1% of players will actually have it.

    but yeah, I’ve been asked to write some helpful info about ‘budget cards’, and I might as well go crazy and add a elite section too.

  201. Well rating it by usefulness may not be the best idea. “Usefulness” is an ambiguous term and is very subjective to each individual player. For example if I’m running a HB deck and I had to rate chief H. I would rate him a 8/10 because he speeds up my units by 2x while a person running a nimble deck would consider him next to useless in both his stats and ability.

    Breach has already provided some comments on his personal views on a couple of select cards which are obviously good, rating every card would depend on what other cards you are using. I did notice that he did not mention a couple of elites (danika flameheart/Ferena drake, sensei Cal., Arya, whitemane, archangels and a list of others). They would make really nice additions to this guide of you could include these too!

  202. Maybe you could rate every single card in the game, with a score for its usefullness in a balnce,rush and counterrush deck. Also a score for its cost. You would have to rate the cards at epic at legend, because people use those ones the most. for example a templar is not that nice in epic, but at legend lots of people use it.

  203. I’ve met a few distraction rangers before. Its one of those gimmick builds if you wanna try something new. Be warned though, it’s not particularly reliable because its impossible to know what exactly you stalled, the card that it distracts is random and distraction units generally aren’t that strong. This deck revolves around stalling using tactic distraction, a bunch of distraction feles, darius, and flashbombs and I’ve seen two results from it. 1. It either works VERY well and stops your opponent completely or 2. it utterly fails against the generic ranger build.

  204. Its not like full distraction, sort of distraction with a few power cards.

    ,darius, orange harpy, and like 3 feles distract with Fenris, 2 epic howlers, an alice and ofcourse mifzuna + maia. along with premed and blows. I dont get how bad hands absolutely maul thsi person, but somehow it works. I think theres something im missing.

    and lol, 2 swifts can do a lot

  205. yeah, a guildmate of mine got from struggling to keep top64 to having potential for top10 since he fused 2 swifts and went a little more spike with his cards.

    I’ve never met a successful distraction deck, nice to hear it can work!

  206. ya my hb rep is 45 right now ^^ and ya ive been refreshing commons and greens in lab, been looking for a swift, and im already top 64 cross. Ill probably be doing ruhs for rest of the game, maybe go into spike if i get swift, or i could try a distrction rush deck ( #20 person on cross has a really nice distraction deck ). i will keep lucius because once he got 25 damage to the enemy hero. absolute game changer.

  207. pretty sweet deck! if you’re really set on being rush for the rest of the game, or a long time at least, I can recommend that you start refreshing your Alchemy (fuse all white and green to get new results) to get a Swift Raid into the mix – a good rush like this backed with Swift Raid should be smooth top60 sailing.

    I also kinda like ARK Sniper more than Lucius duo to the extra HP as well as Lucius is easier to kinda keep away, but of course when you can get reputation up to decent levels.

  208. Breach my Ranger Rush deck:

    1x zeeva (orange)
    2x fenris ( both orange)
    1x lucius ( orange)
    1x mifzuna
    1x centaur rider
    3x howler ( one epic, other 2 are rare)
    1x alice
    1x darius
    1x premed
    3x blow
    everything epic except the ones i said wernt

    I am wondering what i should get next. Im thinking more epic howlers, and then an orange darius or mifzuna? When this season ends i should have maia to add

  209. you can warrior/ranger buff it for great use, but for 1vs1/2vs2 I would expect it to be less useful and easily killed

  210. What’d you think of the new Ark fire mage? Looks a bit flimsy for that 5 cd even with area damage and burn…

  211. pretty much the daily activity is the only good option, sadly. of course, Swift Raid is more than worth the trouble, so make sure to get it!

  212. What’s the best way to get ranger survival guides? Legendary Swift Raid has popped up for fusing (yes I’m a ranger) and I need 30 ranger survival guides and 10 Strategic Maps. I’m VIP 0 and I just don’t have the time to get the guide from activities everyday. Tower tokens are far 2 slow, boss battles are even slower and I’ve extracted all my unnecessary epics. Are there no other way to get these guides? In total I’m about 32 guides off =(.

  213. I don’t think your formula is correct, i would only have 5% crit rate… With hb 45 and Off 30 ;)

  214. Hey Breach, I just noticed this, but for RDL, I would also advise that if we’re sancing walls, we should take our cloaks off before entering. Sometimes our walls will block the 99 dmg and reduce it to 49. chances of block should go down if we uncloak.

    also, it doesn’t even have to be walls. Velynn works just as well if we can make sure taht he doesn’t move.

  215. I can’t, I’m browsing forums by a mobile phone, not so long history.

    any words from you? ~(‘o’) (.o.)~ ~(‘o’)

  216. woah. there’s been talk about those cards in the Shop since a long time ago… can you link me the discussion and Trine’s post? did you find any mention of new rewards and stuff in tower and pvp shop?

  217. since one is Warrior I’d say Priest I would say definitive no since he doesn’t benefit the spikerusher much with his skills (and Sanctuary a cheap rush mostly isn’t enough to win games and nearly all top200 players are ready for it one way or another), Mage is interesting indeed because of Hermes Wings but like has nothing else attacking to offer, and without Purge you’re both weak to Sanctuary, and Ranger is as usual best because of Deadly Blow (being almost a guaranteed line opener and a counter to possible Sanctuary defense) and Double Stab for those pesky nimble spears. So I think Ranger even without Swift Raid is still the optimal rusher and companion

  218. Breach…
    When I do 1v1 like 20 times, I see 9 priests, 7 rangers, 3 mages and 1 warrior or so.
    On Chinese server the best player is a mage (VIP 10, but still got a hope).

    On an additional note, there are like 10 subtypes of both angels and demons.

  219. Since 1.2 is released at July 17, 1.3 October 17, 1.4 January 15, i am guessing 1.5 will be released at April 15 or 17. Hoping they will release Sorann, Calista, Varkus and Vincent before 1.5 :S Thanks, i will save medals for them. In your opinion, which class is better for a Warrior who Spikerush paired with for 2v2? Ranger without Swift Raid or Mage or Priest? Thanks.

  220. Ranger seems to be the most common and dominating class in 1vs1 and does somewhat worse in 2vs2, if you check the top player rankings. it’s pretty obvious that Rangers have amazing skills and are capable of both good Control all the way to Spikerush decks. as you say, Warriors have their difficulties and have to spikerush more or less, Priests are thwarted by the amount of Rangers in game, and Mages while perhaps the most powerful class duo to incredibly cheap skills and huge mastery – simply take a long time to finish anything, and need power cards on high level! so Ranger is kinda the easiest playable class since it has no great weaknesses and can finish battles quickly.

    that ability of hers looks pretty crazy to use successfully, but I can’t really say until I actually see it in action. (because god knows they screw up the ability text often)

  221. yeah, I think I would save for later when the more interesting new cards arrive (Varkus, Calista, Sorann, Vincent) since obviously you’re doing more than well!

    I have to say though, I’ve not seen reliable info on when they appear. rumors about those cards has been on since before 1.3.

  222. Hi I am ShubhKing from server13 of Ancient summoner…. started the game when almost when the server was new and now i have a good control over it… :) level 48 in little over 40 days maybe… :) and this guide plays a key role in helping me strategize things… i am actually a warrior and reached lvl 30 rep of it just recently and have been thinking of changing class (as u know warriors are helpless against sanc and petrify and wat not) I wanted to change to ranger and wanted to ask ur opinion breach :)
    + I have a question related to the season rewards offered in pvp this season… Ice dragon queen(forgot her name and was doing sanguine while typing this) her cd is 5 but she has that special cd ability… is it a bug? or is she really a 5cd units cuz her ability makes her a great card for 4v4? plz lemme know mate waiting….

  223. Which one should i get as my 4th card? I am a warrior, already bought 2 Maia and 1 Ryli and got 1 Sorann from Post-season. 2nd Ryli, Sarya or save it for 2nd Sorann or Sensei in future? Not a fan of Emrys. Thanks.

  224. Ryli is generally the best card of the choices, but you can take Maia if you want to make a powerful rush/spikerush eventually.

    Ryli is amazing for basically any deck except rush, and Maia is only good for rush/spikerush.

  225. If you really always rush in 1v1 and 2v2 too, get Maia. If you use other type of deck, you can take Ryli. That just depends what you use most often.

  226. I rush, and i was wondering if i should get Maia or Ryli.

    Maia- 4 damage, 3 damage next, then 4 damage but easily dies

    Ryli- stops everything, 1 damage per turn

    which one should i get?

  227. @ Vrath, actually miffy has only 5 hp across the board and sarya’s legendary version is good enough cause her debuff is 5hp. The entire point of high cooldowns is to wait out all your opponent’s damage/removal cards, kinda like a double edged sword like someone mentioned earlier. I definately agree that she and emrys are more suited for large battles compared to 1v1.

    Sure she has crap stats but the veteran players (including one from china servers) know what she’s really good for… and that is that she can COMPLETELY deny summons from both bael and augustus (WE can do this too but she’s more easy to get) and there’s a handful of cards that are >5 hp that are completely under her mercy. Bosses suddenly aren’t as tough as they used to be even though 5hp isn’t that much, we must remember that the most creatures in this game only have about ~10hp.

    Emrys has a long CD but theres a dam good reason for it. The thing is a walking tank that’s fast and hits really hard, give this guy heroic and cleave and watch your opponents wet themselves.

    Ryli is most versatile. She’s like your multipurpose cleaner and fit comfortably like a glove into pretty much any deck. IMO she lacks the support strength that sarya can give a team and the raw power of emrys but good at just about anything.

  228. Sarya’s skill bypasses sanctuary. Her skill bypasses also armor, incorporeal, Safety First, Dragonscale, Resistance, Mystical Barrier, Magic/Psychical reflection and whatever. And it cannot be healed. @godlike you can’t even put a Mifzuna. Great skill.
    Her stats are 1/4 and 7cd (She dies to an epic scorch). Giant cooldown, very weak stats, crappy card. Do NOT use unless you’re a priest and you’ve got both inspiration and life skills/sanctuary.

    Emrys is similar, though his stats are pretty good and he kills nearly everything in one hit. Imagine 9/20 darius on your face. You place Emrys and Commad: Vigilance on him and boom, insta-kill. If he was launched with Hermes’ Wings, he might even have 40 hp to be instakilled. BUT IT’S 7CD. You may be dead till you use it.

    If you’re into spikerushing, get a Maia. She’s very vulnerable, but a warrior or a ranger can make a use for her ambush and wind walk abilities.

    If you aren’t a priest to inspire Sarya/Emrys (w/ Sarya you REALLY need extra protection for her), if you aren’t a warrior or a ranger with swift raid to make a use for Maia’s ambush/wind walk, get a Ryli. Get her. Really. Mass freeze, hero’s bane and unlike cards up here, she can’t be petrified!

  229. Maybe i should get sarya just to have an excuse to use my godlike serka. She will have 10 life with him and 15 with life runes.

  230. Speaking of Sarya, does anyone actually own her card? I’ve seen the other 3 pretty often but never seen anyone with her aside from tournaments and even then she’s a rare customer. Pretty underrated considering she makes desert fortress cake walk and makes other PVE maps/bosses considerably easier to do. I wonder if her skill bypasses sanctuary, that would be pretty sweet.

  231. Ive seen in 4v4 and 2v2 sarya being used with life runes. You cant blow her and 4+5+5=14 health, which is pretty nice. She has ranged attack so she wont get hit by creatures that much.

  232. Regarding to the question about what to get @ pvp shop.

    Get maia if…You’re a warrior or ranger (with SR) and you like to rush, and yes she will die from basically anything so all your money is on her first two turns on the field, its all or nothing. If you’re lucky she might make it to turn 3 before being smashed by a rune.

    Get Ryli if…you like to go bossing often decent for pvp too, she’s amazing field control and acts like a mini frost nova. An experienced opponent will instantly try to take her out. Due to a small handful of creatures that have resistance (pegasus especially) she has a hard time fighting these types of decks which is sadly the most often used one.

    Get Emrys if….You boss, or go 2v2/4v4. If he gets out on the field with a defense/attack buff you can basically sit back watch this guy literally shred through your enemies like paper. He does a straight 10 damage to ~35% of stuff out there. (I’m surprised he wasn’t mentioned in this guide)

    Get Sarya if…This one a tough call actually. I used her a couple of times in equilizer. Her ability is a HUGE tide turner. There were instances where I was almost losing and her hp debuff killed a bunch of already damaged enemies (mini armageddon ftw). 7 CD is a lot honestly but if you can get her out and if your opponents spent their damage cards so they can’t kill her (most likely due to her wait time) you’re pretty much won the game. I’m not joking, the HP debuff is irreducible damage and it gives you an instant field advantage.

    Choose wisely…..anyone else got anything to add?

  233. Get rid of Kaelithus. Nice card, but he’s for supporting every creature that deals fire damage. Pack in Tanwen, Yumi, whatever usable unique you’ve got and some more vigilance, preferably nimbles. Healing would be nice too.

  234. it still looks like a Rush deck except for Kaelthius and a few defensive cards. if you wanna orient the deck to more power, you’ll need to get a whole range of cards like Eacann, Cain, Yumi, Smasha Rulk, Desperate Soul … and some vigilance/backstab to back it up.

    power/balance decks are way more difficult to build than rush and require time! so you might have way better odds of sticking with Rush till you can get them.

  235. Maia is really only useful to spikers and rushers, as she does not fit in any other deck basically and is more a tactical card. only Warrior rushers and Rangers with Swift Raid should really make proper use of her.

    Ryli rips bosses apart and can solo some tower +46 stages. if not taken care of in PVP she can be devastating and the opponent is really forced to deal with her, and she is no easy target. of course even Ryli needs a tank in front of her, but she’s pretty tough. She can also be played in pretty much all formats of PVP, and gets stronger for 2vs2 and 4vs4.

    of course, Emrys and Sarya should not be taken first I think, as they have greater weaknesses.

  236. Breach I am trying to balance as a ranger ( i used to rush ) but i am finding it really hard. Heres my deck ( IN THEORY I HAVENT TRIED IN PVP YET )

    1x double stab
    1x true shot
    3x blow
    2x premed
    1x cloak shot
    1x kaelithus (orange)
    2x fenris (orange)
    1x mynx
    1x zeeva (orange)
    1x mifzuna
    1x centaur rider
    1x tengu assaulter
    1x drum
    2x heavy repeat cbow
    1x alice ( I bid this card 350 on ah, so its still a maybe)
    1x elven guard
    1x darius

    Everything epic except the legends i pointed out.
    What else should i try to get?
    some people have said Juliet and Eacann, what do u think

    What else should i add?

  237. Why Ryli? literally one cavalry can get to her , and dd takes away lot of her health. rulk and velyn and soul and such arnt even affected by her 1 damage attack, and a single block from her attack is often devastating. However, maia can deal up to 11 damage ( rune is on turn 3, so 4 damage first,3 damage next, then 4 again) to the hero. I get that ryli is still pretty awesome, but isnt maia better?

  238. Can someone help me? I can’t decide what to buy from the pvp shop (the legendary cards). Which one is the most worth it? The only one I’m not considering is Maia since runes nowadays are much more easy to get and she will die from it.

  239. ARK fire mage has arrived! Interesting card, a little high cd, but in 2v2/4v4 can cause big destruction in enemy’s army. And imagine encourage on it! Though, as I’ve said, high cd and pretty fragile.

  240. It seems like the in this weekend’s paying event will be Juliet.
    I believe there will be item->card (pronably again Juliet) event right after this.

  241. 1. I Agree with holding silver for bonanaza.
    2. I didn’t see the rulk event, and I think Velyn was first.
    4. Mythos packs are event packs and they come for a few days to the shop once in a month or so.

  242. I was thinking a general tip to non-vip players could be to always have like 100,000 silver on hand for the booster bonanzas. They come like once a month, and ive gotten some good cards from them like epic darius, rulk, and mif. Of course sometimes the reward is crap but it doesn’t hurt u to just hold 100,000 silver and the reward could be pretty decent. Thanks for reading

  243. There’s a mistake! In great creatures to get you’ve said that battle drum is affordable at 38. It is at 35, and wolfclan battle drum is affordable at 28.

  244. 1.4 events last 2 weeks each. It’s dragon event, angel event, again dragon, angel, dragon, angel… It will repeat for 2 months more I believe.
    It seems like every event gives new type of dragon/angel.
    * RDL – fire dragons (ended)
    * GIT – healer angels (ended)
    * RDL – ice dragons (now)
    * GIT – nemesis (or inspiring) angels (next)
    Then there will be lightning, holy and darkness dragons and angels which heal you when they hit a creature (there will be several new angels, but in 1.5, so for now there are less angels than dragons. I think that after ‘heal on hit’ angels will come demons.)

  245. The AoE freeze is shit since the dragons walk in.
    Tharymaskus can be used for increasing Ryli’s damage. I see no other use for him.

  246. “Unable to act” is the same term used for units like Mynx, Thundermage, Zeus and pretty much any stunner. As you can see, both the dragons have “unable to act” in their ability (unlike other dragons that have “unable to move” as ability), so I assumed we were having a area stunner here. I’ve tested the Frost Dragon – it is true, it doesn’t stun but freezes in place. but even with this letdown they’re still pretty okay cheap, fast, durable area attacking units.

    All in all, it’s another mistake by the writers that will be quietly corrected in a patch someday.

    ARK Priestess starts looking better at Legendary, but it is expensive to get and with high money price, 4cd and 9hp she isn’t exactly a bargain. sure, if you got gold all over the place buy 100 of them, they’re solid, but I’d rather save money for the next Sagittarius or Capricorn coming – and this is part of how I assess cards.

  247. Breach… Both Tharymaskus and Ice Dragon are CRAP. They do NOT STUN enemies. May the description be wrong, but how such an experienced player doesn’t know that most ice attack creatures inflict ‘frozen’ debuff?
    It didn’t make sense for me and I was sure that you’re not right and now it’s checked and proven.

    Also ARK priestess is way better than you’ve said, and pisces is overrated since without her ability (which doesn’t even work) she’s just legendary heavy repeating crossbowman with +3hp – DEFINETELY not worth the money. Though the underrated zodiac is Aquarius. She freezes enemy and attacks it. It’s 6 dmg first turn, every next attack will do 8, it also has more HP. Queen of the Zodiac isn’t just “good by herself”, she’s VERY good by herself, and even better with every zodiac (hero’s bane N to every enemy, holy damage, ranged, impale, zodiac abilities always work, can’t be debuffed and good stats overall)

  248. Btw got 15 legendaries for now! :’D
    Now i’m saving silver and cards to get 100% on each…
    And got 2k gold! Just waiting for arma on AH…

  249. not a big fan of Mynx in this setup, otherwise it seems like a pretty standard cheap rush aside from the nice legends. Double Stab could come handy especially for Nimble units in your way. the life cost looks very high too so I’d probably look to substitute Howlers for something else.

  250. at high level play you can expect Ragnar to be absolutely bombarded by skills or creatures and crits, so he won’t usually last much. He’s something best playable by Priest, heavy Pan players or in 4vs4 matches. he’s more a fun than great card I think.

    a far superior unit similar to him is legend Pallas Athena, who is CD-affordable and with counterattack can usually cause a lot of harm before dying.

  251. the text looks different than when I reviewed the card, and this clearly says “to all enemy heroes”. might have been a subtle change of either ability or making the text more clear, which wouldn’t be the first time… or I could be crazy.

    anyways, thanks for correcting!

  252. For Zodiac Athena, you say that she does damage to all heroes for zodiacs in play but the text in Guide says “to all enemy Heroes each turn”. Could you please verify this?

  253. Ragnar? Not really. Never use it in 1v1, same in 2v2 – except if one of you is a priest, though it doesn’t guarantee a win (but we did flying Ragnar once XD)

    Have you seen 5/10 bael’s zombies? OP!

  254. lol ok here is my 2v2 deck that got me to 9th local in the new season:

    2v2 Rush deck

    1x totem
    1x drum
    1x mifzuna
    1x mynx
    1x zeeva
    3x howler
    2x fenris
    1x Werewolf ironclaw
    1x centaur raider
    1x darius
    1x cloak
    2x premed
    3x blow
    1x disturbance
    1x true shot

    zeeva, fenris’s, cloak, and ironclaw are legend rest are epic except the rare howlers. my partner is a preist with similar deck except centaur marksman, sanc, righteous judgement and one fenris.

  255. Max level is 60. It will be increased to 70 in 1.5.
    Max level of every building is 20.

    Oh my, pat has got 17 enchant on armor. 66 health!
    And fun fact: Ferena Drake looks like a redhead pirate XD

  256. what the maximum level in this game, and what the maximum upgrade for city hall,blacksmith and alchemy lab?

  257. Breach, what about regeneration rune?
    And the ones which might be included, but aren’t atm?
    Reaping curse rune, Cow rune, inspiration rune…

  258. I mean, mage rushing. With totem and mifzuna it’s deadly. When opponent sancs a creature, you just launch your fenris over it with wings do damage opponent directly… Ranger is more troublesome, but won several times with high level ones ;]

    My crit on all units is like 5%. My werewolves have like 30% and mifzuna has nearly 60% :D

  259. Also I worked hard on pvp… 51 battles done in 2 days!
    I’m pretty good in 2v2, 121st cross and 75th local.
    1v1 is not that easy :c got my way from 200+ to 140 local, still not ranked cross ;/

  260. OMG
    Kaelithus has Fire Synergia. But look at it; do you see a difference between other buffing creatures?

    It does not give +1 atk to all fire-damaging creatures. It inreases damage dealt. Think hard of it…
    Look on elves… Hero’s bane. It might be a crazy idea, but…

    4-5x cheap wall or 3x fog of war preferably with meditation
    3x Elven Fire Mage
    3x Elven Fire Archmage
    1x Tanwen Wildfire
    1x Kathryn Emberwind
    1x Kaelithus

    With these cards out it’s
    7*(1+1) = 14 (Kathryn’s bane)
    4*(2+1) = 12 (Tanwen and Mages)
    3*(1+1) = 6 (from epic Archmages)
    14+12+6 = 32 damage/turn directly to opponent… Excluding crits and mage’s attack!

    …what if Archmages were legendary and if there’d be Elemental fire…?
    *won’t say about godlike tanwen… But I know one who has got her! Fire also gets bane 3 on gl…*

  261. thank you for testing! both decks are theoretical builds so flaws are expected.

    immortality really seems like something that needs to be played 2vs2 (which I did recommend) pretty much for the reason you mention; rush and spikerush will exploit the sluggish nature of the deck, and not all skills can deal with the threats. a bad hand against a rusher is also pretty fatal. two players can likely compensate, tho. hmmm should add some vigis there too.

    I’m no fan of the non-nimble cards except a few odd and expensive ones (Kathryn, Ryli, Tanwen, Libra…) and the rest feel weak to me. It’s also outside the Nimble theme; if I was to add non-nimbles, I’d pretty much add Desperate Soul, Fenris, Rulk and other often seen power cards way before the elves. Another trouble is of course that Equalizer means all can get any card at legendary rate, which kinda deserves a special section of deck building I think duo to this advantage and disadvantage at same time.

    I play 2 different Nimble decks that have been reasonably successful, I’ll put them up on my personal decks.

  262. You put 3 CD for double stab in explaining skills for rangers, it’s only 2 CD though.

  263. Tested the undead/immortality mage deck in 1v1 eqaulizer. Lost to rush. arma doesn’t kill darius at legendary.

    and I think the nimble deck would work better if some of the elves were swapped for talenor and a few non nimble low cd elves. I played the mage nimble in equalizer and fell to another elf deck composed of some nimble and some of the other elves. In fact I think talenor is a great addition to that deck.

  264. uhm, a small correction on your combo section, I play priest and have desperate soul in my standard control deck, if I put 2 blessing armour on him, let alone on my luck even 3 on him, desperate is for the duration of the blessings untouchable even by feles with sunder…just saying…

  265. “velyn can screw up a mage” *puts a velyn; knowing his opponent has got armageddon in hand*

  266. great card for countering Desperate Soul (he hits himself full damage) Tanwen, Abbess and many other powerful creatures that you can see in meta. He also serves as a strong counter to mage and priest class as Righteous Justice, Smite and nearly all Mage skills reflect back.

    great creature, definitively use it in mostly larger decks.

  267. Actually, Velyn has long pink hair and boobs. She’s a girl
    i think myself Velyn is good imo, even better on legendary. She’s a danger since there’s no multitarget non-magic damage skill that can kill her, she’s nimble – invuernable to deadly blow/petrify, and can stop opponent’s armageddon. Good card. Really.

  268. Hey Breach, what do you think of Velyn? Is he worth playing in a normal deck, or are there just too few magic creatures in the current meta to make it worth it?

  269. Protect almost cannot be used in a good way, especially in pvp, as the concept is exactly what you don’t want to do (get hit by creatures directly) and that any well-prepared opponent will just Smite/Holy Light/Sunder Ambush and other common ways at the DS and still deal massive damage to you. Also, Protect lasts a short time, so it’s just difficult to work with.

  270. Meh, I wasn’t on SD. Someone kicked me :c

    Why would you protect a soul? For what would you even use protect? Generally your HP is more important than a creature’s health…
    Don’t worry about a soul, it has got soulbound.

  271. I don’t know enough about the system to say, it might be that you have like 2x chances to crit rather than a 1 that is the total of your unit crit and reputation stats. gotta look into this!

  272. It doesn’t seem to me…
    I’ve got weapon enchanted to 11, cloak to 10 and 43 Halfblood Rep – I use mostly halfblood creatures, but my crits and blocks are very rare, at least in pvp, it’s like 15%…

  273. yeah, I’ve not really seen any official data on this so it’s hard to answer that. I’ll look around for some answers soon. I kinda treat it as 1:1 for simplicity’s sake, since it seems to be very close to 1:1 anyway.

  274. Yeah…
    *pays money for VIP4*
    *looks how much he needs for VIP5*
    *even more than he paid for now*

    Dunno how it is with %, but it doesn’t seem like exactly 1:1 ratio…

  275. I wish that the VIP system was linear! (Gold amounts are total needed)
    VIP Level 1 = 200 GOLD
    VIP Level 2 = 750 GOLD (550 from previous level)
    VIP Level 3 = 1500 GOLD (750)
    VIP Level 4 = 3000 GOLD (1500)
    VIP Level 5 = 7500 GOLD (4500)
    VIP Level 6 = 15000 GOLD (7500)
    VIP Level 7 = 25000 GOLD (10000)
    VIP Level 8 = 40000 GOLD (15000)
    VIP Level 9 = 80000 GOLD (40000)
    VIP Level 10 = 200000 GOLD (120000)

  276. Hey breach, this has been a noob question that I have been wondering about…. Does hero crit, unit block etc directly influence the percentage? Like someone has 34 hero crit, end result would be 34% chance + rep?

  277. well, if we ignore that Velyn has Nimble so it can’t be sanced, I think how it goes is that Velyn’s ability works first and then sanc works, so I think Velyn would just reflect once the magic damage as usual with his own barrier.

  278. Hey Breach, im just curious. If a sanced velyn takes magic damage, does she still take it?

  279. My new rush deck:

    1x Mifzuna the Wind
    1x Fenris the Butcher
    3x Werewolf Howler (1 epic, 2 rare)
    1x Centaur Rider
    1x Centaur Marksman (legendary)
    1x Halfblood Totem
    1x Champion Knight
    1x Darius Darkhand
    1x King’s Emissary Alice

    1x Hermes’ Wings
    1x Lightning Tempest
    1x Fireball

    (all epic except the ones where I wrote it’s not)
    It works wery well!
    Note that I’m using Centaur Marksman… Players are WAY LESS using runes than if it was in AD times. And even if, that Centaur when blocks a rune can still be alive.

  280. oh sorry! I’ve been very focused on making my Mage powerful (getting rep50 etc) and it has been a long while since I actually used a Ranger or any other class. I’ll see about making one out of my cards for equalizer.

  281. Ive been waiting for the personal ranger ruhs for a long while now. Would appreciate it if you put it on.

  282. oh, that’s a very tactical and situational thing indeed. some creatures should normally be held back, like Mynx should be played when she can deliver a direct hit – if you send Mynx into a empty field she’s likely getting tactically murdered cause of her Hammer ability. of course, you might need Mynx to be a tank for something, that is alright too. so there are certain cards in certain situations that should/shouldn’t be played.
    the other part of the question, I would say playing your entire hand before the opponent does usually lead to loss, as a well prepared opponent can just counter place creatures depending on what you played, and kill off your cards easily.

  283. Hey Breach,
    I was wondering in pvp, would you recommend summoning cards as soon as the countdown is over or saving them up in my hand and summon them all at once?

  284. Dread Champion? Haven’t heard of those! D:

    Yeah, without inspiration I’d play 2-4 cd, with – mostly 3-5 cd, but with inspire you can use high cd cards without problem (while Elke can be sanced and put on l2 in 2v2, Serka and Lucanus aren’t worth using in mixed decks). And oh, Abesses! They’re good even on rare!

  285. In the great cards to get section, you wrote fenris the butcher is 5/12 at epic though i believe its 5/13. Great guide though. thanks for the help.

  286. I deeply, deeply dislike the greek pegasus (and I have a legend one) as he tends to suicidal charge into combat with his noncombat stats and slow ability. while I can imagine that you with the Inspires and Sanctuaries can keep him alive fast and for a while, I still do not recommend this creature as it takes too much babysitting with skills. I’d replace it with a Tanwen.

    you have 3 inspires and a drum, but not many creatures that actually need it! You can pretty much cut down on those or add some heavy CD creatures like Dread Champion, Eacann, Werewolf Fleshripper… those things when sanced are brutal and immune to Deadly Blow!

  287. well if you really want, there’s certainly some good cards in the Mythos packs that at the very least you can sell back for rubies. Even the green and rare are being bought by people who are combining.

    so yeah, good luck!

  288. Hi Breach, this guide has helped me a lot.
    I was wondering if you have any suggestions for my deck.
    2x werewolf howler (rare)
    2x fenris the butcher (epic)
    3x smite (2 epic 1 rare)
    3x sanc (epic)
    1x battle drum (epic)
    1x kings emissary alice (epic)
    1x darius darkhand (epic)
    1x nadja the viper (epic)
    1x tengu assaulter (epic)
    3x inspire (rare)
    1x juliet (epic)
    1x flame drake (epic)
    2x flame dragonkin (epic)
    1x ark thumper (epic)
    3x trojan hoplite (epic)
    1x greek pegasus (epic)
    1x refuge (rare)
    1x feles assassin master (legendary)

  289. well actually I only have Eacann and Mynx which I procured lately..and nothing else..
    Should I buy 1 pack or not?

  290. depends on what you need! if you have enough of the good Event cards (Juliet, Zeeva, Mynx), I think it’s alright to gamble on Mythos packs. So far I don’t see any event soon that you should save for.

  291. hello breach !!! I have 200 rubies now !!! Is it worth buying a mythos pack or will I save for something better?

  292. resetting the levels till you get something beatable? I do this myself when Tower event is around, since 50 tower + crystals coins is quite a catch. Otherwise you should expect a loss between a likely 100 up to 300 (if very unlucky) gold spent and several tickets if you have a good tower +46 deck. some of the +45 levels in the tower are absolutely evil and unbeatable, at least with the cards we have available now.